Saturday, January 25, 2014

the kindness project aka dropping kindness bombs

hi, oh.. er.. let me just get rid of some of this dust that's better!

HI! gosh it has been forever and i missed you guys terribly! i feel like i blinked and six months went by!

first, an update! i took a break from the land-o-blogging shortly after getting my new job. my routine was all out of whack and writing started feeling like a taxing job rather than something awesome and fun. that sucks, right? i needed a break. i needed a minute to get acclimated to my new (amazing!) job and get some sort of routine down. i also felt like i was spending all of my time online rather than doing things with my loving friends and family. but, it has been a great six months and i feel refreshed and so so happy to return to my blog and to you guys.

so here's where we are - it's almost my birthday!! eeee!!! since i have had such a great year full of love and fun new things, i wanted to do something different this year. i have read a couple of blogs where the person decided to be randomly kind on their birthday and perform x number of acts of kindness. totally awesome idea, right?

okay, so i started making a list - what small things could i do to make someone's day? the list grew..and grew...and grew! i was way past my needed 29 acts for my 29th bday and had a thought. why would i limit this? why would i stop at 29? so - i'm not. i'm going to drop kindness bombs all over this place!

it starts this weekend. and then - who knows? again - why should i limit it!? this world could use some extra kindness. (i actually got super excited about this project and started yesterday (since the place i was going is less populated on the weekend) and the smiles i got and the gratitude for something so tiny and easy to do was so so amazing. i made yummy muffins and took them to all my hardworking friends at the student learning center of the college i used to work at. they were so happy to see me and i was so happy to see them.) 10 points for gryffindor!

so here's how you can play along - first, you can follow along with all of my adventures in kindness this weekend on instagram @betterwithjune - then! you can drop your own kindness bombs and share them with us on instagram by using hashtag #kindnesswithjune

let's be more aware of the little things we can do to make someone's day a little brighter and spread some kindness. ready, go!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

chicago bound!

hi friends!!

i don't even know where all the hours in the day get to, but i swear they fly by and before i know it they are gone. i miss being in this space and i miss being creative in such a big way.

i am still adjusting to my new job, and just finished my last days at my second job - which i will miss more than i can explain. my family at the community college where i tutored was incredible, and i love them so much so i know that even though i am not there on a weekly basis - i will still see them often. i will make it a priority because they have been a bigger part of my life than they realize.

in other exciting news, matt and i are going to one of my favorite cities for vacay! CHICAGO! we leave this tuesday for a whole week! i can hardly breathe for excitement.

so expect lots of goodies on instagram (follow along @betterwithjune) while we are there and lots of fun stuff here when i get back. i am hopefully getting into a daily routine - i can't really tell because i feel all over the place at all hours of the day - but i think things are calming down and i am getting into a rhythm - so i can spend more time here making fun things and sharing inspiration with you crazy kids!

one of the best parts of my new job is all the creative inspiration i get to enjoy nearly every day - so i can't wait to crack open some awesome books and share some cool projects.

i haven't reupholstered my chairs yet - and i promise to share that possible disaster (hopefully not - but its my first go at anything like this so... who knows?!) with you all here!

and lastly - some words of serious thanks - i have been totally scatter-brained and negligent to my wonderful internet family and i really appreciate you guys hanging around while i adjust to my new awesome life! it really is a blessing to have you all and you really make my day, every day.

i am going to go kick this vacation's ass and come back here ready to share some serious fun! i can't wait.. can you!?

anywhere amazing i should go in chicago? food recommendations? hidden gems? fabric/paper/craft/stationary stores i must go to!? please share and i'll tell you all about it when i get home!

much love to you all!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

feeling crafty..

do you ever get the itch to do something big?

keep reading to see what we're dreaming up over here...

Friday, June 21, 2013

SONP2013: a craftsy sewing class for me..and YOU!

this post is sponsored by Craftsy, an online community of makers and home to tons and tons of amazing online classes, and - the best online fabric store there ever was! both of them have been so great throughout the summer of no pants and i urge you to check them out!

i am a life long learner -  i will never be done trying to learn new things, both big and small. i have been on a sewing kick lately, and i have been a sponge during the summer of no pants. i am loving all of the amazing projects that are coming out of this!

keep reading for class details!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


i know it was just father's day - but shouldn't you tell your dad how amazing he is, just because it's tuesday? i mean, i'm obviously never going to know what it means to be a dad - but there is a lot riding on those three letters. of course your mom is always a super mega important person in your life, so i'm not complaining that i won't get to feel important ever - but being a dad is a powerful thing.

dad and i - beach bummin' it up

my dad is the guy that always set up the slip-n-slide in his backyard for me, and helped me turn my whole bedroom into a fort. he combed my hair after my bath - even though he wasn't an expert in tangles. he scolded me when i wanted to give up on something and believed in me even when i couldn't believe in myself. but i'm sure every single person out there has stories just like this... my point is that it's pretty remarkable that one person can be so many things in your life and they might not even realize how amazing that feat is... but it is amazing. and every dad should know it.

the only time i've ever felt tall...

one day - maybe next year, or in a few years, or whenever - my sweet husband is going to learn what it means to be a dad. and i am really excited to see him become that miraculous version of himself - and he might not even realize he is changing, and becoming some little person's whole world, but he will be.

so, even though it was just father's day, and you got your dad a card, and gave him a hug, or a phone call, or a shiny new present - go tell him today how much magic he brings into your life. and tell your mom too, because she's her own kind of unicorn.

my dad - and his dad - i had to include this one because my little brother looks exactly like my dad here. it's crazy.

i'm not a parent yet - so i can't say for sure.. but i have parents who are pretty remarkable - and i know that they have had huge success and have sometimes made some bad calls, but i know parents never stop loving their children, and their children should remind their parents how much they love them more often.

This post is part of a promotion with FamilySearch. Because at the end of the day - what's more important than family?