Wednesday, December 26, 2012

what the hell is a bobbin? the great quilting saga: part one

i hope everyone had a magnificent christmas with their loved ones! i know mine was amazing and full of yummy food and all my favorite people! i am happy to tell you about the beginning of this next project, because it was a doosie!

i am so excited to tell you the story of my quilt!

a while ago i starting thinking about a project for my best friend, haley. she may also be referred to as hales, or bestie in this series. anyways, i wanted to do something awesome for my bestie, because she is awesome and i love her. obviously. since this project has taken me nearly a year (and a whole lot of secrecy) to complete, i am going to share it with you in pieces. here is where it all began...

my mother in law, barbara, is an amazing quilter. i mean, AMAZING. she blows my mind with her quilt skills and i dont even know how to think about the things she can create. she has made matt and i several quilts, and naturally, hales is jealous. who wouldnt be!? so, after getting a sewing machine from my mom for christmas last year (i think she was trying to domesticate me) i decided that i'd like to try and make a quilt for hales. deciding to do it was the easy part. i had my machine, i'd get some fabric, and i'd just do it. i'm crafty, i can do this. silly me.

upon opening the gigantic box my sewing machine came in, i realized i had no idea what i was doing. there were all these parts and pieces, one smaller than the next, and i was getting nowhere fast on my own. lucky for me, barbara the quilting goddess loves me and agreed to help. turns out i was more inept than she might have believed. and as we're setting everything up she tells me to "grab my bobbin". uhhh, my what!? talk about clueless... it was a process but after learning to thread my bobbin, thread my machine and turn it on - i was ready to sew! sorta...

stay tuned to find out about the great christmas fabric hunt (in march no less...) cutting fabric, and getting started on my massive project!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

pom-pom garland galore!

i may be getting too into this whole christmas thing. honestly, it's consuming me. but in the best way. and i love seeing our house all done up! the latest addition to the holiday trimmings: pom-pom garlands! they were simple to make and came out so so adorable above our sliding glass doors.

all you will need:

yarn (i used mending yarn i found in my gramma's old sewing kit, but anything would work as long as it isnt too thick or too thin)
free time

so these are super cute, but do take some time. i recommend working on them as you watch the 17 episodes of glee you have saved on your dvr. they dont require much skill, but do take some time.

all you have to do is thread the needle and start adding the pom-poms. i found that varying the colors, spacing, etc worked out the best. just keep a pattern for each string and hang em as your heart desires!

what is the latest addition to your holiday trimmings? leave some love in the comments and share your latest great idea!

Monday, December 17, 2012

winter wonderland jars

well, living in south florida certainly leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to seasons. it was 80 degrees as i walked into work today at 7am..and the sun wasn't even up yet. honestly, all i want for christmas is a little snow in my life and i don't think i'm being unreasonable! maybe a little unreasonable, but whatever.

so, since i doubt santa will come a knockin' (since i dont have a stinkin chimney!) on my door with the promise of a christmas morning snowball fight, i decided to take matters into my own hands.

on my weekly (ok, daily) stroll through anthropologie for inspiration with my good friend ashlee, we came across the cutest little winter scenes in mason jars. we literally thought at the same time, "we can make this!" and so we did. we each put our own twist on this amazing holiday idea and they came out perfect!!

to make your own tabletop winterland (shoveling snow not required) you will need:
  • tiny trees
  • glue gun
  • mason jars in various sizes
  • sugar - for snow
i got everything i needed (minus the sugar) at michael's - they are my go-to and usually have whatever crafty tidbit my heart desires.

now all you have to do is plan out your winter scene - make sure your trees fit into the jar you are working on before glueing.. i made that mistake and after trying to jam a large tree into a not so large jar, i moved on and planned a little better. i got excited, ok!?

then you just glue the bottom of the tree to the inside of the top of the jar, add sugar (the amount is up to you, depending on the level of "blizzard" you are trying to convey), put the top on the jar, flip it all over and ta-da! winter wonderland! i love that even in florida i can have a little bit of snow.. even if it is fake.

where would you put these in your house? i think mine will be the centerpiece on the dinner table, but they would be cute on the bookshelf or as a part of a bigger winter village. to see ashlee's version of this holiday awesomeness, head over to her blog wondering about wandering and be sure to leave some love while you're there!

Monday, December 3, 2012

ahh! christmas! (and glitter, and nsync)

seriously? christmas already... wasn't it JUST march when i did that whole thesis master's degree and a wedding thing? i know everyone (literally everyone) says it, but where did the year go!? it's like every monday is ten years long but then somehow months and months go by in a flash... how is this possible? anyways, its officially okay for me to play christmas music (mostly N'SYNC christmas and Hanson christmas - because they are both fantastic to sing as loud and as off key as possible - sorry matt.)
my all-time favorite ornament, courtesy of the wonderful anthropologie

this year, we are hosting christmas at our house (really just an excuse to go crazy this year) and since the last time we hosted we had just moved into our house, i'm really looking forward to all of the christmas awesomeness. i have had the crafting itch this past few weeks, so naturally i wanted to spice up our christmas with my new found motivation. below are a few of the highlights (and stay tuned for some DIY tips for each of them later this week!) and as this christmas extravaganza is a work in progress, stay tuned for even more holiday fun coming soon!! 
glitter tape! my house will
soon be covered in this stuff!

glitter ornament!
(how-to coming soon!)
glitter mason jars for tabletop candles
so easy, so perfect
anyone else see a theme here? i've somehow become a glitter-a-holic. check back soon to see what other glitter covered trouble i can get into!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

thanksgiving dreams

i hate how thanksgiving is slowly losing its hold on holiday time. i mean, i have to work on thanksgiving and it makes me really bummed out. as the BEST food holiday around, i felt like i needed to highlight some of the awesome things that would be part of my november 22 if i was hosting thanksgiving.

i love the embellished plates and the fun turkey accessories! who wants to skip over a day of being lazy and eating delicious food all day!? not me. bring on the cuddly warm goodness, i'm ready.

Monday, November 12, 2012

gardens green market = sunday fun!

being that sunday is my only real day off, i try and pack as much fun as possible into that one day. this past sunday, matt and i went to one of my favorite local sunday treats: the gardens green market! it's every sunday morning until 1pm and i absolutely LOVE going. for one, its free! and they always have fresh yummy goodies, awesome flowers, fruits, veggies and tons of booths with creative crafts to buy! the weather was perfect yesterday and i am so looking forward to going again next weekend!

see all the pictures and my favorite parts after the jump!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY: simple chic wall art

i am a sucker for a good piece of wall art. but, i am also super picky and don't like random insignificant things hanging all over my walls at home. if it's in my house, it means something to me, which is why i love this next idea. it is so simple and can be personalized to whatever you like. a simple canvas piece with a quote, or name, or saying, or whatever and it looks amazing all finished up!

 see all the instructions after the jump!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

guest pinning for alt summit!

i am so excited to share this news! i am now a guest pinner for altitude summit's pinterest! as if going to alt (blogger conference and general collection of people who love awesome pretty unique and fashionable things) this coming january wasn't enough, now i get to add my own awesomeness to their widely followed pinterest.

i have my own board, and its all about the punchy bright ever awesome color RED! i love red (obviously, or i wouldn't have chosen it) and i have the freedom to pin whatever red crosses my path! follow me on my red pinterest journey, and check out all the other guest pinners as they add their own flair to alt summit!

visit my red lovin' page here and be sure to follow along!

what do you love about the color red?
does it make you think of a certain time/place/person/animal/feeling/smell?
leave some red lovin' in the comments :)

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Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY: party flags!

i LOVE a good party. mostly because i get to make decorations and dress up my house and then i get to see all kinds of people that i love. and the food, that's good too. i am always looking for easy and cute ways to decorate without breaking the bank.

also, i am a freak for paper products. tissue paper and crepe paper are my absolute favorite, and i love making things with them because they are always colorful and inexpensive. i made these flags for the first time for our wedding. i made a few to line the entrance to the driveway at the house we were getting married at and i loved them so much i decided to do them again for a bbq i am planning. we have a long walkway to our front door and i think they will look amazing leading up to the house.

see all the instructions after the jump!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

roll tide!!

i just recently (finally) got to go visit my sister, kelly, at school in tuscaloosa, alabama! the university of alabama is known for its game-day antics, so naturally i was excited to visit! having attended fsu myself, i am no stranger to all the hooplah surrounding football season and it was easy to fall back into the screaming-cheering-football loving college kid i once was. we had a blast together.

i flew into birmingham and we had lunch and went shopping in the city before making the hour drive back to t-town. it is so beautiful in alabama and it makes me want to move somewhere with hills and trees really bad. florida is so flat and boring - i need hills/mountains/anything! anyways, i love the scenery there and it reminded me of growing up in michigan, and i loved it. duh.

the town of tuscaloosa is fairly small - existing mainly to bring you the national champion crimson tide football team (their mascot is an elephant..but they are the crimson tide - i don't really get it but whatever...roll tide) - and it reminded me of tallahassee a lot. in a good way. there were local "joints" (ahem, taco casa) and typical college town food (zaxby's anyone? i think i just gained 5 pounds just thinking about it) and of course the campus itself it amazing. one of my favorite things about going to fsu was the campus architecture. brick everywhere! university of alabama is no different and man did they deliver! brick everywhere!! it was so traditional and charming and fantastic.

kelly took me on a tour through campus and we drove by all the amazing buildings and houses, the quad and the giant chiming clock "denny chimes." people were already setting up tents for tailgating and the game was still more than 24 hours away. they do it right.

kel lives on campus in the ZTA sorority house and man what a house to live in! wow. it was beautiful, not to mention right around the corner from the stadium. inside it was so girly and cute - picture reese witherspoon's house in legally blonde. it was precious (and in no way small).

kelly, taylour ann and me at five - we are obviously hilarious.
read about the rest of our sister weekend after the jump!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

happy wednesday!

is it me or are the days all blending together? maybe it's just me. something about working six days a week just really makes me feel like there are no days at all - just a long unending span of work. i shouldn't complain because i love my jobs, but can't a girl get a free second to take a nap or something!? anyways, in the hustle and bustle of this crazy life i haven't had much time for here. i have tons of fun projects and posts in the works, but they aren't quite ready for sharing just yet.

i did finally get some business cards that i am super excited about! you likely know (since i talk about it all the time. literally.) but i'm going to the altitude design summit in january and i am jumping out of my skin excited. but, i didn't have business cards and apparently they are kinda a big deal at good ol' alt.

i got this first round as a sort of test run i guess. i designed them myself on UPrinting and it was so easy and fun to do! i don't know if these are THE business cards, but i really love them so far.

sound off in the comments to tell me which version is your favorite and it may make the journey to salt lake city this january! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

fatherly wisdom and an old book.

i love spending time with my family, particularly my dad because he is the smartest person i know. and he makes me laugh. i love getting advice from him because he is almost always right. so today, i am going to share his latest brilliance - although, i will say, it is more questionable than his usual fatherly wisdom. while i was at his house this week, he decided to let me borrow one of his most prized possessions - the foxfire book.

dad has owned the foxfire book for a very long time; it has moved houses and survived hurricanes and he has entrusted me with its temporary safe keeping. this book is pure gold. the inside cover describes the book as a guide for "hog dressing; log cabin building; mountain crafts and foods; planting by the signs; snake lore, hunting tails, faith healing; moonshining; and other affairs of plain living." why my dad thought this would be helpful to me, i just don't know, but it has proved entertaining none the less.

while i would love to do a diy post on how to make moonshine or educate you all on the many facets of snake lore - i decided that i would share their take something we deal with everyday - the weather. the foxfire book is a treasure trove of no longer useful health remedies, but the weather section has got to be my favorite. and since winter is just around the corner (except for those of us in florida on the every hot surface fo the sun...) but to my northerner friends - listen up people!

the coming winter will be bad, according to the foxfire book, if:
-crows gather together
-beaver lodges have more logs
-the fur on the bottoms of a rabbits foot is thicker - i suggest you start trying to catch one asap.
-screech owls sound like women crying
-crickets are in the chimney
-butterflies gather in bunches in the air
-onions grow more layers - pay attention folks!
-tree bark is thickest on the north side

and for those of us who won't get to see winter, here's some advice on forecasting the ever oppressive rain. it will rain:
-if leaves show their backs
-if cows are lying down in the pasture (this one is actually true - i've seen it..)
-if the sun sets with the clouds
-if birds fly low

and to predict upcoming rain (weather man, listen up, because lately you kinda suck..)
-if there is a ring around the moon, count the stars in the ring and it will rain within that many days
-if you see a black snake in a tree, it will rain within 3 days
-if it rains while the sun is shining (so everyday in FL), it will rain at the same time the next day
-if it rains on easter sunday, it will rain every sunday for the next 7 weeks

so now that you are all ready to put the weather man to shame, go out and get predicting. leave a comment about other useful tips you might know and whether any of these tricks actually works!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the great cookie bowl adventure

about a month ago, matt expressed his need for cookie bowl for his evening ice cream. a valid need in my eyes, and i promised him i would try and create such a bowl. how hard could it be? he had shown me this special pan that he found online and i figured with a little brain power i could make them without the purchase of a special pan that would inevitably take up too much space in our already unorganized kitchen.

i thought, hey, i'll just flip over a cupcake pan and mold the cookie over that. feeling totally brill, i went out and got the cookie dough and set to work.

i sprayed the bottom of the cupcake pan with a generous helping of pam and used 2 pre-made cookie dough balls per bowl mold - thinking 6 cookie bowls was more than any one person should consume anyways. with my oven hot and ready, i popped them in with a promise to matt that he would be enjoying a delicious bowl later.

and that is when it all fell apart.

much to my great shock and disappointment - my cookie bowl brilliance had melted into cookie mush all over the back of the pan, over the sides and all over my oven.

it was a bonafide mess but i wasn't giving up hope yet, even as my good friend ashlee laughed at me and the monumental failure now destroying my oven. i decided to let them cook, so that when i took them out i could just cut around the melted flat part and still have a successful bowl for my husband.

oh how wrong i was.

my cookie bowls had congealed into one cookie mass. it was horrible. and to top it all off, the generous helping of pam proved useless as the entire thing was magnificently stuck. with ashlee still laughing at me (and honestly, i was laughing at myself at this point because this will go down as one of my biggest baking mishaps ever) we slowly chipped away at the cookie, getting more crumbs everywhere and only salvaging scraps and chunks. i saved the cookie pieces we managed to excavate from the pan and served matt an "inside out cookie bowl" with cookie crumbles on top of his ice cream instead of underneath it. lucky he loves me and wasn't too crushed by my cookie misadventure.

has anyone successfully done this? leave me a comment about your success, or other mega kitchen disasters that you were so sure would work out!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

DIY: mailbox awesomeness

when matt and i were planning our wedding, we wanted to incorporate special details that would make it our day. i made a lot of fun stuff for the day but my favorite thing was the mailbox i made with our last name on it. i wanted something cute and personal for our guests to put cards in on the gift table and this mailbox was what i came up with. it was easy to make and now lives on my desk as a space to put letters, bills etc, and it always makes me smile.

you will need:
1. a mailbox - i got mine at home depot and you can find it here. i just didn't attach the pieces that come down from it and it sits nicely on its own.
2. chip board letters - you can find these at any craft store, usually in the scrap-booking section, and they come in a variety of colors. i used two sizes, larger letters for our last name on the outside, and smaller letters for the words "thank you!" on the inside (see below)
3. spray paint - i chose navy because it went with our wedding colors, but i think this would be so cute in bright green or yellow too.
4. glue gun - if you don't own a glue gun, leave your house now and go get one. i use mine every week. literally every week.

the first thing you will need to do is make sure the mailbox is clean or dust or dirt. living in a home improvement store usually means they get a little dusty and you will want to wipe the mailbox down first to make sure its nice and clean before you start spray painting.

when the mailbox is nice and clean, you are ready to paint. this should be done outside since spray paint can get messy and the fumes are intense. you might need to spray on a few coats depending on the color you are using. make sure to let each coat dry completely before starting the next one, and don't forget to paint the inside of the lid as well!

once your mailbox is shiny and new with fresh paint, let it dry for at least 24 hours before starting with your letters. i chose to put our last name on the outside, but you could get creative and spell out anything, like "hey mr. mailman" or "love letters only." the options are limitless!

use your glue gun to attach the letters one at a time, making sure they are straight along the top. let dry completely before adding words to the inside - if you choose to do so.

this mailbox can sit nicely on your desk, make an appearance at your next party for cards or hang on your wall as a way to organize your mail while still being cute! it is a simple project that makes a great impact!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

so long sweet summer

i really hate that summer has to end. i love summertime and the sunny bright clothing that comes with it. there is something magical about flowy clothing and cool summer nights that makes me feel like a kid again - minus the awesomeness of having three months to run around and play. so, to keep that backyard barbeque, firefly catching, sunshine soaking attitude going, i put together my favorite clothing pieces that still make me feel like i can hold onto summer a little while longer (especially here in florida...)

how great is that heart sweater? i'm so in love. find all the awesomeness in the links below and leave a comment about your favorite summer pieces!
1. two tone dress 2. slouchy hobo 3. chambray button-down 4. orange sandal 5. heart sweater 6. sunshine chino shorts

Monday, August 20, 2012

weekend fun is always better when it's free!

as newlyweds, matt and i are really trying to save money and pay off old debts before we start the exciting journey into parenthood. patience family members, patience.

so, on the weekends we try and do fun things together without breaking the bank. one of my favorites - GARAGE SALES!

maybe i'm just weird, but i love seeing other peoples junk and if i'm lucky enough, their houses. over the weekend, we looked up all the saturday morning garage sales and made a list of their locations, times, details, etc and set out on our local adventure. luckily we got up early enough to make it to many of them before they closed shop in the ridiculous florida afternoon sun. if you follow me on instagram (which you totally should at betterwithjune) then you might have seen some of these pictures...

most of them had the expected nonsense - old games, ugly purses, furniture from the 80's, but some of them had some awesome nostalgic pieces too. seeing bits of peoples lives really makes me happy, like they are sharing something special with me.


one of the estate sales was held inside the persons house, and as i'm bubbled with excitement over seeing the house and likely frightened the person holding the sale. whatevs. it was a great way to spend a saturday with matt and it didn't cost a thing! what are your favorite weekend freebies? leave me a note in the comments!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

truth: i kinda love harry potter.

there's no place like home. there's no place like home.

voldemort had a hankering for cookie cake, and who could blame him!?
 ok, so since when is it not okay to be 27 and love a children's book series? stop the judgement train, i want to get off.

today is harry potter's bday - so it seems appropriate to talk about him and his magical awesomeness today.

i can't help it. harry potter is one of my favorite things ever. it was a big part of my childhood, and it makes me feel at home. weird? maybe - but i'm okay with weird. this past week my friends and i went to the wizarding world of harry potter at universal in orlando. we have season passes - so we're basically pro at this trip by now. we were celebrating our friend haley's birthday - and even though its a milliondy degrees and crazy busy during the summer - she always wants to go to orlando. ugh. but we sucked it up and had an amazing time. obviously, the harry potter section of the park is our favorite and i wanted to share some of the best parts with you.

 the details in this particular section of universal's islands of adventure are fantastic. they really paid attention to everything and it is so amazing to be there - especially for someone as in love with harry as we are.

fancy a pumpkin juice? its liquid thanksgiving.

or maybe a buttery butterbeer?

honestly, the drinks might be the best part. as if seeing all kinds of cool HP stuff wasn't enough, now you can taste it too!
     simply magical.

                                               check out the rest of the details after the jump!

Monday, June 25, 2012

holy altitude summit batman!

so, for over a year now i have been following (more like stalking) the altitude design summit in salt lake city. i found out about this amazing gathering for design lovers/bloggers/all around fashionable and awesome people last year, just in time to realize i was too late to go! i was so sad. instead of wallowing, i booked a room a year in advance and vowed to go the following january. then, a miracle happened. i discovered that they offer their seminars and classes online! i know, right. so i can sit at home in my pj's with the ice cream carton and dive into blog genius advice and fun design perfection right here in my home! gaahhh!! i am so in love with alt summit and i havent even been yet! i cant wait to go and be surrounded by creative people. so inspiring. so awesome.

if you love design and blogging and pretty, fantastic, lovely things like i do, you should check them out at and try one of the classes! they are on a variety of topics from how to grow a readership for your brand new baby blog, like betterwithjune, to how to rock someones socks off with killer business cards! this july they are offering free classes and i sort of feel like i've just won the lottery. so not only do i get to hang out with lovely sparkly creative people this january, AND i get to enjoy their wisdom from my own office - in july i can do it for free (ice cream not included). hooray! now, go go go and enjoy the awesomeness that is alt summit, and while you're at it, say thanks to bing for making the free classes possible. #thanksBing!!


after spending the last 72 hours doing load after load of laundry, i've decided our cluttered, messy, overly full lives needed a mega overhaul. i mean, MEGA. we have so many clothes (i'm totally guilty of being too lazy to clean clothes so i just buy new ones - literally, the worst. habit. ever. not to mention expensive, thus only leading to a more complicated, cluttered and seriously broke mess.) AHHH! so i decided it was time for some spring (aka summer to those of us who are juuuusttt a little behind..) cleaning. stay tuned, shit gets real.

step one: find the floor. okay - full disclosure. we are messy. not dirty - there arent creatures roaming through the piles of old takeout containers. ew. but we are messy. i leave my shoes (all of them) by the front door, i leave towels on the floor and our clothes often overflow the laundry basket. it makes me crazy, yet still i do it. it makes no sense. and we are both guilty of letting our house get messy - but at the end of the day, i'd rather go do something fun, so the clothes and mess clean-up gets pushed back, and put off and then i wake up one saturday morning and realize i am on the verge of a serious breakdown over the state of our house. its a terrible cycle, so i'm putting an end to it. the first step was to get the floor cleared and the laundry sorted. that took about an hour - i told you, it got out of hand.

step two: wash, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat. i have already admitted to being a clothing-aholic, so you can imagine the ridiculous number of tshirts, jeans, shorts, workout clothes (one of my worst offenses is buying new workout gear. something about having to look cute while working out..i dont know. it's an illness, i swear!) i own. on top of that. my husband is 6'4". one pair of his pants is like 4 of my 5'2" tiny legs pairs of pants. and he owns more khaki pants than j.crew himself. so after an hour of sorting, i got down to the cleaning part. i don't mind this part so much - it's the putting it all away - folding, hanging, etc - that makes me feel like a prisoner in my own house. honestly, who likes doing that? so i washed, and waited, and moved to the dryer, and waited, and made matt listen to the glee channel on pandora in our living room because singing show tunes is apparently the only way i can force myself to do housework. this went on all weekend - with the exception of a short outing to see brave, the new disney/pixar movie. so cute! and the scottish accents were fantastic. but anyways. washing, drying, folding all weekend to the wonderful sounds of glee on pandora all while matt tried desperately to get away from me in my cleaning-crazed state. it was rough, like laundry boot camp or something. not fun - although the glee sing-along was quite nice. june even helped by turning the sorted-need-to-be-cleaned clothes into a massive nest fort in the living room floor. adorable and so unhelpful.

step three: finally, it's all clean and folded. finally a light at the end of the laundry filled is all clean, mostly folded (i'm getting to it, promise!) and now the time has come to say goodbye. clearly, my clothing habit isn't doing me any favors (aside from making me look cute) but other than that its taken over. so, its time to purge a little. time to let go of that band t-shirt thats been hanging in the back for 3 years without being worn, and to let go of a few pairs of the 800 sneakers i own. sad as it is, its for the better. i spent my whole weekend shuffling laundry around. granted tropical storm debby made it impossible for me to do much else, but i could have been napping! the more stuff we have, the more time we spend cleaning, moving, dusting, arranging and dealing with it all. enough is enough. over the next few weeks i am going to reorganize our house. yes, the whole thing. we have a TON of storage but we suck at keeping it organized because of all the extra crap. no more, i say. the first project is our closet, and my massive clothing collection. addiction. whatever you want to call it, it must be fixed before my head explodes and tide comes out my ears.

stay tuned for more on opperation "get rid of the crap" and to find out if matt assassinates me in a glee filled rage finally admits he loves showtunes.

Monday, June 18, 2012

first post jitters!

wow. a new blog. it's so fresh and clean and bright. i've done 3 blogs before this one, and with the exception of the one chronicling my fantastic 3 month adventure through europe, they have all fallen short of my own expectations. not this time, buddy. i have big plans for this sweet and innocent little blog of mine.

so let's start. ohh, i just got the chills. ok ready. wait... now i'm ready. no. do you see my problem? starting something new is always a little scary and exciting and sort of makes your head swim. let's start with me - since i will be the driver of this runaway train. i'm corey. and despite years of studying writing and my newly acquired master's degree, i just don't like capital letters. they feel angry to me. so it will likely be rare that you find them here. plus, when i get a good idea going and it's just flowing and smooth and moving right along, i can't be bothered with nonsense like hitting the shift key. lazy? maybe. it's not that i don't appreciate great, immacualte, mind numbing grammar, it's just that here, in my space, i just don't wanna. i'll refrain from stomping around like an angry toddler and just move on, for now.

it has been a busy year so far for me, good ol' 2012. i finished my thesis, titled "I Am The Tornado" (capital letters needed for this, because i spent so long perfecting it, i don't know, it feels right). it's a memoir - and before the image of a middle aged woman swims into your mind, just wait. i'm 27 and the story is about my childhood and my ever-turbulant life thus far. i worked my behind off on it and i am rather proud of the final prduct. it is honest and funny - mostly poking fun at myself and some of the unflattering moments in my life. either way, i did it. and now i have a shiny new master's degree in writing to show for it! go me!

i also got married! yay! let me just say that my now husband matt is fantastic. he is so supportive and kind and patient. we got married in march at a private house on the water in jupiter, fl near where we live. i'll post some of the pictures here soon, but it was literally the best day of my life. we have such incredible family and friends and the day was full of love.

matt, me, and junebug <3
so who is june? if we were superheros, she would be the robin to my batman. she is our adorable and spunky little pug. her name is junebug, really, but i mostly call her june and she is always by my side. she makes us laugh and we love her more than we should - she gets away with everything. whenever i have a new project in the works, spread across the living room floor, she has to be in my lap or laying right beside me. i love our times together and everything is always better with june.

so, i'm going to talk about what i love, what inspires me, fun tidbits i find out in the world, lovely/silly/yummy how-to's and all sorts of good stuff. until next time, cheers!