Monday, June 25, 2012

holy altitude summit batman!

so, for over a year now i have been following (more like stalking) the altitude design summit in salt lake city. i found out about this amazing gathering for design lovers/bloggers/all around fashionable and awesome people last year, just in time to realize i was too late to go! i was so sad. instead of wallowing, i booked a room a year in advance and vowed to go the following january. then, a miracle happened. i discovered that they offer their seminars and classes online! i know, right. so i can sit at home in my pj's with the ice cream carton and dive into blog genius advice and fun design perfection right here in my home! gaahhh!! i am so in love with alt summit and i havent even been yet! i cant wait to go and be surrounded by creative people. so inspiring. so awesome.

if you love design and blogging and pretty, fantastic, lovely things like i do, you should check them out at and try one of the classes! they are on a variety of topics from how to grow a readership for your brand new baby blog, like betterwithjune, to how to rock someones socks off with killer business cards! this july they are offering free classes and i sort of feel like i've just won the lottery. so not only do i get to hang out with lovely sparkly creative people this january, AND i get to enjoy their wisdom from my own office - in july i can do it for free (ice cream not included). hooray! now, go go go and enjoy the awesomeness that is alt summit, and while you're at it, say thanks to bing for making the free classes possible. #thanksBing!!


after spending the last 72 hours doing load after load of laundry, i've decided our cluttered, messy, overly full lives needed a mega overhaul. i mean, MEGA. we have so many clothes (i'm totally guilty of being too lazy to clean clothes so i just buy new ones - literally, the worst. habit. ever. not to mention expensive, thus only leading to a more complicated, cluttered and seriously broke mess.) AHHH! so i decided it was time for some spring (aka summer to those of us who are juuuusttt a little behind..) cleaning. stay tuned, shit gets real.

step one: find the floor. okay - full disclosure. we are messy. not dirty - there arent creatures roaming through the piles of old takeout containers. ew. but we are messy. i leave my shoes (all of them) by the front door, i leave towels on the floor and our clothes often overflow the laundry basket. it makes me crazy, yet still i do it. it makes no sense. and we are both guilty of letting our house get messy - but at the end of the day, i'd rather go do something fun, so the clothes and mess clean-up gets pushed back, and put off and then i wake up one saturday morning and realize i am on the verge of a serious breakdown over the state of our house. its a terrible cycle, so i'm putting an end to it. the first step was to get the floor cleared and the laundry sorted. that took about an hour - i told you, it got out of hand.

step two: wash, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat. i have already admitted to being a clothing-aholic, so you can imagine the ridiculous number of tshirts, jeans, shorts, workout clothes (one of my worst offenses is buying new workout gear. something about having to look cute while working out..i dont know. it's an illness, i swear!) i own. on top of that. my husband is 6'4". one pair of his pants is like 4 of my 5'2" tiny legs pairs of pants. and he owns more khaki pants than j.crew himself. so after an hour of sorting, i got down to the cleaning part. i don't mind this part so much - it's the putting it all away - folding, hanging, etc - that makes me feel like a prisoner in my own house. honestly, who likes doing that? so i washed, and waited, and moved to the dryer, and waited, and made matt listen to the glee channel on pandora in our living room because singing show tunes is apparently the only way i can force myself to do housework. this went on all weekend - with the exception of a short outing to see brave, the new disney/pixar movie. so cute! and the scottish accents were fantastic. but anyways. washing, drying, folding all weekend to the wonderful sounds of glee on pandora all while matt tried desperately to get away from me in my cleaning-crazed state. it was rough, like laundry boot camp or something. not fun - although the glee sing-along was quite nice. june even helped by turning the sorted-need-to-be-cleaned clothes into a massive nest fort in the living room floor. adorable and so unhelpful.

step three: finally, it's all clean and folded. finally a light at the end of the laundry filled is all clean, mostly folded (i'm getting to it, promise!) and now the time has come to say goodbye. clearly, my clothing habit isn't doing me any favors (aside from making me look cute) but other than that its taken over. so, its time to purge a little. time to let go of that band t-shirt thats been hanging in the back for 3 years without being worn, and to let go of a few pairs of the 800 sneakers i own. sad as it is, its for the better. i spent my whole weekend shuffling laundry around. granted tropical storm debby made it impossible for me to do much else, but i could have been napping! the more stuff we have, the more time we spend cleaning, moving, dusting, arranging and dealing with it all. enough is enough. over the next few weeks i am going to reorganize our house. yes, the whole thing. we have a TON of storage but we suck at keeping it organized because of all the extra crap. no more, i say. the first project is our closet, and my massive clothing collection. addiction. whatever you want to call it, it must be fixed before my head explodes and tide comes out my ears.

stay tuned for more on opperation "get rid of the crap" and to find out if matt assassinates me in a glee filled rage finally admits he loves showtunes.

Monday, June 18, 2012

first post jitters!

wow. a new blog. it's so fresh and clean and bright. i've done 3 blogs before this one, and with the exception of the one chronicling my fantastic 3 month adventure through europe, they have all fallen short of my own expectations. not this time, buddy. i have big plans for this sweet and innocent little blog of mine.

so let's start. ohh, i just got the chills. ok ready. wait... now i'm ready. no. do you see my problem? starting something new is always a little scary and exciting and sort of makes your head swim. let's start with me - since i will be the driver of this runaway train. i'm corey. and despite years of studying writing and my newly acquired master's degree, i just don't like capital letters. they feel angry to me. so it will likely be rare that you find them here. plus, when i get a good idea going and it's just flowing and smooth and moving right along, i can't be bothered with nonsense like hitting the shift key. lazy? maybe. it's not that i don't appreciate great, immacualte, mind numbing grammar, it's just that here, in my space, i just don't wanna. i'll refrain from stomping around like an angry toddler and just move on, for now.

it has been a busy year so far for me, good ol' 2012. i finished my thesis, titled "I Am The Tornado" (capital letters needed for this, because i spent so long perfecting it, i don't know, it feels right). it's a memoir - and before the image of a middle aged woman swims into your mind, just wait. i'm 27 and the story is about my childhood and my ever-turbulant life thus far. i worked my behind off on it and i am rather proud of the final prduct. it is honest and funny - mostly poking fun at myself and some of the unflattering moments in my life. either way, i did it. and now i have a shiny new master's degree in writing to show for it! go me!

i also got married! yay! let me just say that my now husband matt is fantastic. he is so supportive and kind and patient. we got married in march at a private house on the water in jupiter, fl near where we live. i'll post some of the pictures here soon, but it was literally the best day of my life. we have such incredible family and friends and the day was full of love.

matt, me, and junebug <3
so who is june? if we were superheros, she would be the robin to my batman. she is our adorable and spunky little pug. her name is junebug, really, but i mostly call her june and she is always by my side. she makes us laugh and we love her more than we should - she gets away with everything. whenever i have a new project in the works, spread across the living room floor, she has to be in my lap or laying right beside me. i love our times together and everything is always better with june.

so, i'm going to talk about what i love, what inspires me, fun tidbits i find out in the world, lovely/silly/yummy how-to's and all sorts of good stuff. until next time, cheers!