Monday, June 18, 2012

first post jitters!

wow. a new blog. it's so fresh and clean and bright. i've done 3 blogs before this one, and with the exception of the one chronicling my fantastic 3 month adventure through europe, they have all fallen short of my own expectations. not this time, buddy. i have big plans for this sweet and innocent little blog of mine.

so let's start. ohh, i just got the chills. ok ready. wait... now i'm ready. no. do you see my problem? starting something new is always a little scary and exciting and sort of makes your head swim. let's start with me - since i will be the driver of this runaway train. i'm corey. and despite years of studying writing and my newly acquired master's degree, i just don't like capital letters. they feel angry to me. so it will likely be rare that you find them here. plus, when i get a good idea going and it's just flowing and smooth and moving right along, i can't be bothered with nonsense like hitting the shift key. lazy? maybe. it's not that i don't appreciate great, immacualte, mind numbing grammar, it's just that here, in my space, i just don't wanna. i'll refrain from stomping around like an angry toddler and just move on, for now.

it has been a busy year so far for me, good ol' 2012. i finished my thesis, titled "I Am The Tornado" (capital letters needed for this, because i spent so long perfecting it, i don't know, it feels right). it's a memoir - and before the image of a middle aged woman swims into your mind, just wait. i'm 27 and the story is about my childhood and my ever-turbulant life thus far. i worked my behind off on it and i am rather proud of the final prduct. it is honest and funny - mostly poking fun at myself and some of the unflattering moments in my life. either way, i did it. and now i have a shiny new master's degree in writing to show for it! go me!

i also got married! yay! let me just say that my now husband matt is fantastic. he is so supportive and kind and patient. we got married in march at a private house on the water in jupiter, fl near where we live. i'll post some of the pictures here soon, but it was literally the best day of my life. we have such incredible family and friends and the day was full of love.

matt, me, and junebug <3
so who is june? if we were superheros, she would be the robin to my batman. she is our adorable and spunky little pug. her name is junebug, really, but i mostly call her june and she is always by my side. she makes us laugh and we love her more than we should - she gets away with everything. whenever i have a new project in the works, spread across the living room floor, she has to be in my lap or laying right beside me. i love our times together and everything is always better with june.

so, i'm going to talk about what i love, what inspires me, fun tidbits i find out in the world, lovely/silly/yummy how-to's and all sorts of good stuff. until next time, cheers!

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