Monday, June 25, 2012

holy altitude summit batman!

so, for over a year now i have been following (more like stalking) the altitude design summit in salt lake city. i found out about this amazing gathering for design lovers/bloggers/all around fashionable and awesome people last year, just in time to realize i was too late to go! i was so sad. instead of wallowing, i booked a room a year in advance and vowed to go the following january. then, a miracle happened. i discovered that they offer their seminars and classes online! i know, right. so i can sit at home in my pj's with the ice cream carton and dive into blog genius advice and fun design perfection right here in my home! gaahhh!! i am so in love with alt summit and i havent even been yet! i cant wait to go and be surrounded by creative people. so inspiring. so awesome.

if you love design and blogging and pretty, fantastic, lovely things like i do, you should check them out at and try one of the classes! they are on a variety of topics from how to grow a readership for your brand new baby blog, like betterwithjune, to how to rock someones socks off with killer business cards! this july they are offering free classes and i sort of feel like i've just won the lottery. so not only do i get to hang out with lovely sparkly creative people this january, AND i get to enjoy their wisdom from my own office - in july i can do it for free (ice cream not included). hooray! now, go go go and enjoy the awesomeness that is alt summit, and while you're at it, say thanks to bing for making the free classes possible. #thanksBing!!

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