Tuesday, July 31, 2012

truth: i kinda love harry potter.

there's no place like home. there's no place like home.

voldemort had a hankering for cookie cake, and who could blame him!?
 ok, so since when is it not okay to be 27 and love a children's book series? stop the judgement train, i want to get off.

today is harry potter's bday - so it seems appropriate to talk about him and his magical awesomeness today.

i can't help it. harry potter is one of my favorite things ever. it was a big part of my childhood, and it makes me feel at home. weird? maybe - but i'm okay with weird. this past week my friends and i went to the wizarding world of harry potter at universal in orlando. we have season passes - so we're basically pro at this trip by now. we were celebrating our friend haley's birthday - and even though its a milliondy degrees and crazy busy during the summer - she always wants to go to orlando. ugh. but we sucked it up and had an amazing time. obviously, the harry potter section of the park is our favorite and i wanted to share some of the best parts with you.

 the details in this particular section of universal's islands of adventure are fantastic. they really paid attention to everything and it is so amazing to be there - especially for someone as in love with harry as we are.

fancy a pumpkin juice? its liquid thanksgiving.

or maybe a buttery butterbeer?

honestly, the drinks might be the best part. as if seeing all kinds of cool HP stuff wasn't enough, now you can taste it too!
     simply magical.

                                               check out the rest of the details after the jump!

the legendary honeydukes - full of all sorts of sweet treats to rot your teeth.
 sure, the rides are cool, and the food is good and everyone there speaks in intense british accents. but my favorite part is peeking into the beautifully designed shop windows. they are intricate and detailed to a tee. it's mini interior design at its absolute best.

it would be so magical if our mail came by owl

peace, love, and harry potter.


 i love harry potter, and everytime i visit the park i decide that i love it even more than before..

meanwhile, at home, june was hamming it up and acting all cute. it's really too bad she can't come to the wizarding world with us...

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  1. The detail is really impressive. I wonder what it is like to have that job recreating all of it.