Sunday, August 26, 2012

so long sweet summer

i really hate that summer has to end. i love summertime and the sunny bright clothing that comes with it. there is something magical about flowy clothing and cool summer nights that makes me feel like a kid again - minus the awesomeness of having three months to run around and play. so, to keep that backyard barbeque, firefly catching, sunshine soaking attitude going, i put together my favorite clothing pieces that still make me feel like i can hold onto summer a little while longer (especially here in florida...)

how great is that heart sweater? i'm so in love. find all the awesomeness in the links below and leave a comment about your favorite summer pieces!
1. two tone dress 2. slouchy hobo 3. chambray button-down 4. orange sandal 5. heart sweater 6. sunshine chino shorts


  1. all things from anthropologie...

  2. Love the sandals, orange is a favorite color. And that purse is the best.