Monday, August 20, 2012

weekend fun is always better when it's free!

as newlyweds, matt and i are really trying to save money and pay off old debts before we start the exciting journey into parenthood. patience family members, patience.

so, on the weekends we try and do fun things together without breaking the bank. one of my favorites - GARAGE SALES!

maybe i'm just weird, but i love seeing other peoples junk and if i'm lucky enough, their houses. over the weekend, we looked up all the saturday morning garage sales and made a list of their locations, times, details, etc and set out on our local adventure. luckily we got up early enough to make it to many of them before they closed shop in the ridiculous florida afternoon sun. if you follow me on instagram (which you totally should at betterwithjune) then you might have seen some of these pictures...

most of them had the expected nonsense - old games, ugly purses, furniture from the 80's, but some of them had some awesome nostalgic pieces too. seeing bits of peoples lives really makes me happy, like they are sharing something special with me.


one of the estate sales was held inside the persons house, and as i'm bubbled with excitement over seeing the house and likely frightened the person holding the sale. whatevs. it was a great way to spend a saturday with matt and it didn't cost a thing! what are your favorite weekend freebies? leave me a note in the comments!


  1. paddleboarding...just putting that out there

  2. I took a nap that is really the only thing I know won't cost me anything...