Wednesday, September 19, 2012

happy wednesday!

is it me or are the days all blending together? maybe it's just me. something about working six days a week just really makes me feel like there are no days at all - just a long unending span of work. i shouldn't complain because i love my jobs, but can't a girl get a free second to take a nap or something!? anyways, in the hustle and bustle of this crazy life i haven't had much time for here. i have tons of fun projects and posts in the works, but they aren't quite ready for sharing just yet.

i did finally get some business cards that i am super excited about! you likely know (since i talk about it all the time. literally.) but i'm going to the altitude design summit in january and i am jumping out of my skin excited. but, i didn't have business cards and apparently they are kinda a big deal at good ol' alt.

i got this first round as a sort of test run i guess. i designed them myself on UPrinting and it was so easy and fun to do! i don't know if these are THE business cards, but i really love them so far.

sound off in the comments to tell me which version is your favorite and it may make the journey to salt lake city this january! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

fatherly wisdom and an old book.

i love spending time with my family, particularly my dad because he is the smartest person i know. and he makes me laugh. i love getting advice from him because he is almost always right. so today, i am going to share his latest brilliance - although, i will say, it is more questionable than his usual fatherly wisdom. while i was at his house this week, he decided to let me borrow one of his most prized possessions - the foxfire book.

dad has owned the foxfire book for a very long time; it has moved houses and survived hurricanes and he has entrusted me with its temporary safe keeping. this book is pure gold. the inside cover describes the book as a guide for "hog dressing; log cabin building; mountain crafts and foods; planting by the signs; snake lore, hunting tails, faith healing; moonshining; and other affairs of plain living." why my dad thought this would be helpful to me, i just don't know, but it has proved entertaining none the less.

while i would love to do a diy post on how to make moonshine or educate you all on the many facets of snake lore - i decided that i would share their take something we deal with everyday - the weather. the foxfire book is a treasure trove of no longer useful health remedies, but the weather section has got to be my favorite. and since winter is just around the corner (except for those of us in florida on the every hot surface fo the sun...) but to my northerner friends - listen up people!

the coming winter will be bad, according to the foxfire book, if:
-crows gather together
-beaver lodges have more logs
-the fur on the bottoms of a rabbits foot is thicker - i suggest you start trying to catch one asap.
-screech owls sound like women crying
-crickets are in the chimney
-butterflies gather in bunches in the air
-onions grow more layers - pay attention folks!
-tree bark is thickest on the north side

and for those of us who won't get to see winter, here's some advice on forecasting the ever oppressive rain. it will rain:
-if leaves show their backs
-if cows are lying down in the pasture (this one is actually true - i've seen it..)
-if the sun sets with the clouds
-if birds fly low

and to predict upcoming rain (weather man, listen up, because lately you kinda suck..)
-if there is a ring around the moon, count the stars in the ring and it will rain within that many days
-if you see a black snake in a tree, it will rain within 3 days
-if it rains while the sun is shining (so everyday in FL), it will rain at the same time the next day
-if it rains on easter sunday, it will rain every sunday for the next 7 weeks

so now that you are all ready to put the weather man to shame, go out and get predicting. leave a comment about other useful tips you might know and whether any of these tricks actually works!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the great cookie bowl adventure

about a month ago, matt expressed his need for cookie bowl for his evening ice cream. a valid need in my eyes, and i promised him i would try and create such a bowl. how hard could it be? he had shown me this special pan that he found online and i figured with a little brain power i could make them without the purchase of a special pan that would inevitably take up too much space in our already unorganized kitchen.

i thought, hey, i'll just flip over a cupcake pan and mold the cookie over that. feeling totally brill, i went out and got the cookie dough and set to work.

i sprayed the bottom of the cupcake pan with a generous helping of pam and used 2 pre-made cookie dough balls per bowl mold - thinking 6 cookie bowls was more than any one person should consume anyways. with my oven hot and ready, i popped them in with a promise to matt that he would be enjoying a delicious bowl later.

and that is when it all fell apart.

much to my great shock and disappointment - my cookie bowl brilliance had melted into cookie mush all over the back of the pan, over the sides and all over my oven.

it was a bonafide mess but i wasn't giving up hope yet, even as my good friend ashlee laughed at me and the monumental failure now destroying my oven. i decided to let them cook, so that when i took them out i could just cut around the melted flat part and still have a successful bowl for my husband.

oh how wrong i was.

my cookie bowls had congealed into one cookie mass. it was horrible. and to top it all off, the generous helping of pam proved useless as the entire thing was magnificently stuck. with ashlee still laughing at me (and honestly, i was laughing at myself at this point because this will go down as one of my biggest baking mishaps ever) we slowly chipped away at the cookie, getting more crumbs everywhere and only salvaging scraps and chunks. i saved the cookie pieces we managed to excavate from the pan and served matt an "inside out cookie bowl" with cookie crumbles on top of his ice cream instead of underneath it. lucky he loves me and wasn't too crushed by my cookie misadventure.

has anyone successfully done this? leave me a comment about your success, or other mega kitchen disasters that you were so sure would work out!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

DIY: mailbox awesomeness

when matt and i were planning our wedding, we wanted to incorporate special details that would make it our day. i made a lot of fun stuff for the day but my favorite thing was the mailbox i made with our last name on it. i wanted something cute and personal for our guests to put cards in on the gift table and this mailbox was what i came up with. it was easy to make and now lives on my desk as a space to put letters, bills etc, and it always makes me smile.

you will need:
1. a mailbox - i got mine at home depot and you can find it here. i just didn't attach the pieces that come down from it and it sits nicely on its own.
2. chip board letters - you can find these at any craft store, usually in the scrap-booking section, and they come in a variety of colors. i used two sizes, larger letters for our last name on the outside, and smaller letters for the words "thank you!" on the inside (see below)
3. spray paint - i chose navy because it went with our wedding colors, but i think this would be so cute in bright green or yellow too.
4. glue gun - if you don't own a glue gun, leave your house now and go get one. i use mine every week. literally every week.

the first thing you will need to do is make sure the mailbox is clean or dust or dirt. living in a home improvement store usually means they get a little dusty and you will want to wipe the mailbox down first to make sure its nice and clean before you start spray painting.

when the mailbox is nice and clean, you are ready to paint. this should be done outside since spray paint can get messy and the fumes are intense. you might need to spray on a few coats depending on the color you are using. make sure to let each coat dry completely before starting the next one, and don't forget to paint the inside of the lid as well!

once your mailbox is shiny and new with fresh paint, let it dry for at least 24 hours before starting with your letters. i chose to put our last name on the outside, but you could get creative and spell out anything, like "hey mr. mailman" or "love letters only." the options are limitless!

use your glue gun to attach the letters one at a time, making sure they are straight along the top. let dry completely before adding words to the inside - if you choose to do so.

this mailbox can sit nicely on your desk, make an appearance at your next party for cards or hang on your wall as a way to organize your mail while still being cute! it is a simple project that makes a great impact!