Sunday, September 2, 2012

DIY: mailbox awesomeness

when matt and i were planning our wedding, we wanted to incorporate special details that would make it our day. i made a lot of fun stuff for the day but my favorite thing was the mailbox i made with our last name on it. i wanted something cute and personal for our guests to put cards in on the gift table and this mailbox was what i came up with. it was easy to make and now lives on my desk as a space to put letters, bills etc, and it always makes me smile.

you will need:
1. a mailbox - i got mine at home depot and you can find it here. i just didn't attach the pieces that come down from it and it sits nicely on its own.
2. chip board letters - you can find these at any craft store, usually in the scrap-booking section, and they come in a variety of colors. i used two sizes, larger letters for our last name on the outside, and smaller letters for the words "thank you!" on the inside (see below)
3. spray paint - i chose navy because it went with our wedding colors, but i think this would be so cute in bright green or yellow too.
4. glue gun - if you don't own a glue gun, leave your house now and go get one. i use mine every week. literally every week.

the first thing you will need to do is make sure the mailbox is clean or dust or dirt. living in a home improvement store usually means they get a little dusty and you will want to wipe the mailbox down first to make sure its nice and clean before you start spray painting.

when the mailbox is nice and clean, you are ready to paint. this should be done outside since spray paint can get messy and the fumes are intense. you might need to spray on a few coats depending on the color you are using. make sure to let each coat dry completely before starting the next one, and don't forget to paint the inside of the lid as well!

once your mailbox is shiny and new with fresh paint, let it dry for at least 24 hours before starting with your letters. i chose to put our last name on the outside, but you could get creative and spell out anything, like "hey mr. mailman" or "love letters only." the options are limitless!

use your glue gun to attach the letters one at a time, making sure they are straight along the top. let dry completely before adding words to the inside - if you choose to do so.

this mailbox can sit nicely on your desk, make an appearance at your next party for cards or hang on your wall as a way to organize your mail while still being cute! it is a simple project that makes a great impact!

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