Thursday, September 6, 2012

fatherly wisdom and an old book.

i love spending time with my family, particularly my dad because he is the smartest person i know. and he makes me laugh. i love getting advice from him because he is almost always right. so today, i am going to share his latest brilliance - although, i will say, it is more questionable than his usual fatherly wisdom. while i was at his house this week, he decided to let me borrow one of his most prized possessions - the foxfire book.

dad has owned the foxfire book for a very long time; it has moved houses and survived hurricanes and he has entrusted me with its temporary safe keeping. this book is pure gold. the inside cover describes the book as a guide for "hog dressing; log cabin building; mountain crafts and foods; planting by the signs; snake lore, hunting tails, faith healing; moonshining; and other affairs of plain living." why my dad thought this would be helpful to me, i just don't know, but it has proved entertaining none the less.

while i would love to do a diy post on how to make moonshine or educate you all on the many facets of snake lore - i decided that i would share their take something we deal with everyday - the weather. the foxfire book is a treasure trove of no longer useful health remedies, but the weather section has got to be my favorite. and since winter is just around the corner (except for those of us in florida on the every hot surface fo the sun...) but to my northerner friends - listen up people!

the coming winter will be bad, according to the foxfire book, if:
-crows gather together
-beaver lodges have more logs
-the fur on the bottoms of a rabbits foot is thicker - i suggest you start trying to catch one asap.
-screech owls sound like women crying
-crickets are in the chimney
-butterflies gather in bunches in the air
-onions grow more layers - pay attention folks!
-tree bark is thickest on the north side

and for those of us who won't get to see winter, here's some advice on forecasting the ever oppressive rain. it will rain:
-if leaves show their backs
-if cows are lying down in the pasture (this one is actually true - i've seen it..)
-if the sun sets with the clouds
-if birds fly low

and to predict upcoming rain (weather man, listen up, because lately you kinda suck..)
-if there is a ring around the moon, count the stars in the ring and it will rain within that many days
-if you see a black snake in a tree, it will rain within 3 days
-if it rains while the sun is shining (so everyday in FL), it will rain at the same time the next day
-if it rains on easter sunday, it will rain every sunday for the next 7 weeks

so now that you are all ready to put the weather man to shame, go out and get predicting. leave a comment about other useful tips you might know and whether any of these tricks actually works!


  1. so what does it mean if crying women sound like screech owls? i have a friend her name is haley...just sayinnnn

  2. This is SO fun. I love this post and think that you should definitely do a moonshine DIY. :D

    1. haha thanks Taylor! this book is seriously so fantastic! i would LOVE to do a moonshine diy - but i would not love to be in jail...sooo..haha maybe someday!