Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the great cookie bowl adventure

about a month ago, matt expressed his need for cookie bowl for his evening ice cream. a valid need in my eyes, and i promised him i would try and create such a bowl. how hard could it be? he had shown me this special pan that he found online and i figured with a little brain power i could make them without the purchase of a special pan that would inevitably take up too much space in our already unorganized kitchen.

i thought, hey, i'll just flip over a cupcake pan and mold the cookie over that. feeling totally brill, i went out and got the cookie dough and set to work.

i sprayed the bottom of the cupcake pan with a generous helping of pam and used 2 pre-made cookie dough balls per bowl mold - thinking 6 cookie bowls was more than any one person should consume anyways. with my oven hot and ready, i popped them in with a promise to matt that he would be enjoying a delicious bowl later.

and that is when it all fell apart.

much to my great shock and disappointment - my cookie bowl brilliance had melted into cookie mush all over the back of the pan, over the sides and all over my oven.

it was a bonafide mess but i wasn't giving up hope yet, even as my good friend ashlee laughed at me and the monumental failure now destroying my oven. i decided to let them cook, so that when i took them out i could just cut around the melted flat part and still have a successful bowl for my husband.

oh how wrong i was.

my cookie bowls had congealed into one cookie mass. it was horrible. and to top it all off, the generous helping of pam proved useless as the entire thing was magnificently stuck. with ashlee still laughing at me (and honestly, i was laughing at myself at this point because this will go down as one of my biggest baking mishaps ever) we slowly chipped away at the cookie, getting more crumbs everywhere and only salvaging scraps and chunks. i saved the cookie pieces we managed to excavate from the pan and served matt an "inside out cookie bowl" with cookie crumbles on top of his ice cream instead of underneath it. lucky he loves me and wasn't too crushed by my cookie misadventure.

has anyone successfully done this? leave me a comment about your success, or other mega kitchen disasters that you were so sure would work out!


  1. Core! I have not tried anything like this but just thought about something. What if you molded super cold cookie dough in the bigger cupcake tins in the regular position but then put another cupcake tin on top so the underneath of the tin would be delicately squashing the cookies forcing them to cook like a bowl??

    1. ooh! i am going to add that to my list of other tactics to try out. i am not giving up on this yummy treat just yet! i'll continue posting as the cookie bowl saga continues... miss you tams! <3

  2. I could see this happening in my kitchen. It does seem like it should work. I feel like there are probably pinterest pins on how to do this in a way that works. Even more entertaining are the other people that failed: http://www.boredpanda.com/funny-pinterest-fails/

    #12 is a similar looking cookie bowl fail. It's always nice to know you are not alone!

    1. Hi Corey! Just thought I would let you know that Miranda, Marigold and I featured you for the April Fails Blog Hop! Stop on by to get your featured blogger badge!

      Hope you will share again this month: http://foyupdate.blogspot.com/2013/05/eat-make-grow-blog-hop-may-picnics.html


    2. oh my gosh!!! i am so honored!! this was one serious fail - but at least it was fun!! :) thanks so much and i will wear my badge proudly!! yay!!