Wednesday, October 3, 2012

roll tide!!

i just recently (finally) got to go visit my sister, kelly, at school in tuscaloosa, alabama! the university of alabama is known for its game-day antics, so naturally i was excited to visit! having attended fsu myself, i am no stranger to all the hooplah surrounding football season and it was easy to fall back into the screaming-cheering-football loving college kid i once was. we had a blast together.

i flew into birmingham and we had lunch and went shopping in the city before making the hour drive back to t-town. it is so beautiful in alabama and it makes me want to move somewhere with hills and trees really bad. florida is so flat and boring - i need hills/mountains/anything! anyways, i love the scenery there and it reminded me of growing up in michigan, and i loved it. duh.

the town of tuscaloosa is fairly small - existing mainly to bring you the national champion crimson tide football team (their mascot is an elephant..but they are the crimson tide - i don't really get it but whatever...roll tide) - and it reminded me of tallahassee a lot. in a good way. there were local "joints" (ahem, taco casa) and typical college town food (zaxby's anyone? i think i just gained 5 pounds just thinking about it) and of course the campus itself it amazing. one of my favorite things about going to fsu was the campus architecture. brick everywhere! university of alabama is no different and man did they deliver! brick everywhere!! it was so traditional and charming and fantastic.

kelly took me on a tour through campus and we drove by all the amazing buildings and houses, the quad and the giant chiming clock "denny chimes." people were already setting up tents for tailgating and the game was still more than 24 hours away. they do it right.

kel lives on campus in the ZTA sorority house and man what a house to live in! wow. it was beautiful, not to mention right around the corner from the stadium. inside it was so girly and cute - picture reese witherspoon's house in legally blonde. it was precious (and in no way small).

kelly, taylour ann and me at five - we are obviously hilarious.
read about the rest of our sister weekend after the jump!

that night we went out to dinner (wayyyy past my bedtime, but we don't need to talk about how much of a grandma i am these days) at a restaurant called "five." they have five things on the menu - so posh - but the best part was the strawberry lemonade..WITH alcohol. it was so delicious and they crushed fresh strawberries into your drink, i mean. yum. the food was great too, but the drink is what won my heart.

we also went to an irish pub called inesfree (i'm positive that's not how you spell it..) and it was the most crowded place i have ever been. on an up side - hanging out with all 21-year-olds means you get carded everywhere you go! hells yes! inesfree was packed, and kelly and her friends knew everyone, of course. one girl even came up to me (she was highly intoxicated) and goes "OH MY GOSH! i haven't seen you in forever!!!" (or ever, since i've never met her) but without missing a beat i replied, "it has been so long!! how are you?!" in my best excited girl voice. it was actually hilarious. after being jostled and bumped into for an hour by the bar we left.

the "over 21" bracelet you get at inesfree - hilarious, and a little scary 
we finally (after talking to collin the ZTA house security guard, eating quesadillas, and chatting with other girls awake in the house) went to bed around 2:30 (3:30 florida time..yeah) and i knew in the morning my early to rise internal clock would have me up and ready for the day long before my sleeping beauty sister who could sleep through the world ending without an issue. sure enough i was wide awake at 7am.

good morning tuscaloosa!
but, it was game day! so who cares how tired i was going to be by 7pm, i was ready for the day. being in the sorority house is actually so fun and you are never alone. i loved meeting all the girls that lived in the house and there was always someone to talk to, which was great!

the "candy face" - a sister tradition.
on game day in tuscaloosa, everyone dresses up. i mean everyone! were talking dresses, polo shirts, nice shorts - the works! luckily i found an adorable red dress the day before on our shopping spree (it was an emergency dad, total emergency) and fit right in with the well dressed crowd. silly me, i brought jean shorts and an alabama t-shirt for the day and kelly looked at me like i had 12 heads. yeah. thank god for last minute finds.

we spent the early afternoon at gallette's (think bullwinkle's if you have been to tallahassee) its a total dive bar trash fest - but their signature drink, the yellow hammer (named for a alabama cheer - something like rammer jammer yellow hammer blah blah i forget) was so so so good! everyone there had one. it's that good. then we had lunch at the beta fraternity house with some of kelly's friends (again  - biggest house i have ever been in) and then it was time to go to the game.

we had amazing seats - end zone, ten rows up - and even though they were only playing fau (a tiny school in boca, fl) the stadium was packed! everyone was there - it was awesome. bryant denny stadium is huge and the fans packed the place! the energy was unbelievable and you couldn't help but be as excited as all the people around you.

the "million dollar band" - because you would
pay a million dollars to see them play!
the game was awesome - alabama played great and scored twice within the first few minutes. it was a billion degrees out (i was sad it wasn't cold) and by the third quarter we were ready to go.

we went to one of kelly's friends houses and watched the fsu game and ate dinner. we were all exhausted after the hot and crazy day so we made it home by around 11pm and i was so happy to sleep a little before my early flight the next morning.

kelly and i - of course she is the only person who still
looks gorgeous after sitting in the heat for 3 hours. jerk.
i was so sad to leave my sister and we had such a good time together that i am already looking forward to going back to see her. tuscaloosa showed me a great time and it was awesome to be a football loving college kid again!