Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY: party flags!

i LOVE a good party. mostly because i get to make decorations and dress up my house and then i get to see all kinds of people that i love. and the food, that's good too. i am always looking for easy and cute ways to decorate without breaking the bank.

also, i am a freak for paper products. tissue paper and crepe paper are my absolute favorite, and i love making things with them because they are always colorful and inexpensive. i made these flags for the first time for our wedding. i made a few to line the entrance to the driveway at the house we were getting married at and i loved them so much i decided to do them again for a bbq i am planning. we have a long walkway to our front door and i think they will look amazing leading up to the house.

see all the instructions after the jump!

to make them, you will need:
tissue paper
long thin dowels
elmer's glue
a deeper plate for the water/glue mix
a sponge paintbrush or roller - i used the roller this time around and it worked out wonderfully
wax paper
a chair to hang the flag while it dries

first, i like to cut up my tissue paper for all the flags i plan to make since things tend to get a little messier as the project goes on and its hard to handle dry tissue if you have glue on your fingertips.

take the rectangle of tissue and fold it in half long ways, and then again, so you have a long rectangle. with the fold farthest from you (meaning the top and bottom of the original fold are closest to you), cut a triangle off the end, leaving two points when you open the flag up. i find this works best when each flag is two layers of paper, so the initial lengthwise fold is the size of your flag.

once you have your flags cut out, you want to cover your work surface with wax paper. two pieces is usually enough. tape down the corners so things don't slide around.

next you need to make your glue/water mixture. you can eyeball this - you don't want it to be purely glue because it wont seep through the flag to the other side, but you don't want it too watery because then your flag won't be stiff enough when it dries. somewhere in the middle is perfect.

lay out your first flag on the wax paper and use your roller to coat the entire flag with watery glue. you want to make sure that the whole flag is covered, and i usually go over the whole thing twice. be careful not to over saturate your flag because then it could rip or come off the dowel.

usually the dowels have a price tag sticker on them, i leave that end for the bottom because it is a pain to scrape those stickers off, and the bottom end is going into the ground anyways, so you won't see it.

lay the dowel over the flag and glue 1/4 inch in from the edge. wrap the edge of the flag around the dowel, smoothing it down with your finger. roll over the new fold with glue and then roll the dowel inwards so you get a couple of rolls of tissue around the dowel.

once your all attached, you are ready to hang it up to dry. i usually put the flag outside in the sun because it dries faster. hang the flag point side down. you can use twist ties to secure the flag to the handles of the chair. let it dry until the flag is stiff and sticks out on its own.

just repeat these steps for your next flag, but bear in mind you may need to change your wax paper, as it tends to get sticky after 2 or 3 flags, and you may need to change out your glue mixture as sometimes the darker colors of paper bleed a bit.

when all your flags are done, party!

what are your favorite party decorations? do you make your own or do you have a go-to store you get all your party goods from?

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  1. What an awesome idea for using the flags! You make the project look so simple and easy...can't wait to try it!