Monday, November 12, 2012

gardens green market = sunday fun!

being that sunday is my only real day off, i try and pack as much fun as possible into that one day. this past sunday, matt and i went to one of my favorite local sunday treats: the gardens green market! it's every sunday morning until 1pm and i absolutely LOVE going. for one, its free! and they always have fresh yummy goodies, awesome flowers, fruits, veggies and tons of booths with creative crafts to buy! the weather was perfect yesterday and i am so looking forward to going again next weekend!

see all the pictures and my favorite parts after the jump!

this fantastic bread spread (hehe) was amazing to just to stand near, it smelled delicious! matt and i bought a loaf of the asiago bread and it was heaven on earth! sandwiches have never been so good! the bread was made fresh and sold by importico's bakery cafe. i am hooked!!

the second best part of the day involved food too. of course.

apple cider doughnuts. i mean, really. the doughnuts are warm and sweet and melt in your mouth. omg talk about perfection. you need this in your life, go get them at the green market asap! like, now!

the green market is a local treat and spending quality outdoors time while the weather is great makes me so so happy! (only downside is that i can't bring june...)

do you have a green market near you? whats the best part about going there? food? flowers? leave some love in the comments below! xo

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