Tuesday, November 6, 2012

guest pinning for alt summit!

i am so excited to share this news! i am now a guest pinner for altitude summit's pinterest! as if going to alt (blogger conference and general collection of people who love awesome pretty unique and fashionable things) this coming january wasn't enough, now i get to add my own awesomeness to their widely followed pinterest.

i have my own board, and its all about the punchy bright ever awesome color RED! i love red (obviously, or i wouldn't have chosen it) and i have the freedom to pin whatever red crosses my path! follow me on my red pinterest journey, and check out all the other guest pinners as they add their own flair to alt summit!

visit my red lovin' page here and be sure to follow along!

what do you love about the color red?
does it make you think of a certain time/place/person/animal/feeling/smell?
leave some red lovin' in the comments :)

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