Wednesday, December 26, 2012

what the hell is a bobbin? the great quilting saga: part one

i hope everyone had a magnificent christmas with their loved ones! i know mine was amazing and full of yummy food and all my favorite people! i am happy to tell you about the beginning of this next project, because it was a doosie!

i am so excited to tell you the story of my quilt!

a while ago i starting thinking about a project for my best friend, haley. she may also be referred to as hales, or bestie in this series. anyways, i wanted to do something awesome for my bestie, because she is awesome and i love her. obviously. since this project has taken me nearly a year (and a whole lot of secrecy) to complete, i am going to share it with you in pieces. here is where it all began...

my mother in law, barbara, is an amazing quilter. i mean, AMAZING. she blows my mind with her quilt skills and i dont even know how to think about the things she can create. she has made matt and i several quilts, and naturally, hales is jealous. who wouldnt be!? so, after getting a sewing machine from my mom for christmas last year (i think she was trying to domesticate me) i decided that i'd like to try and make a quilt for hales. deciding to do it was the easy part. i had my machine, i'd get some fabric, and i'd just do it. i'm crafty, i can do this. silly me.

upon opening the gigantic box my sewing machine came in, i realized i had no idea what i was doing. there were all these parts and pieces, one smaller than the next, and i was getting nowhere fast on my own. lucky for me, barbara the quilting goddess loves me and agreed to help. turns out i was more inept than she might have believed. and as we're setting everything up she tells me to "grab my bobbin". uhhh, my what!? talk about clueless... it was a process but after learning to thread my bobbin, thread my machine and turn it on - i was ready to sew! sorta...

stay tuned to find out about the great christmas fabric hunt (in march no less...) cutting fabric, and getting started on my massive project!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

pom-pom garland galore!

i may be getting too into this whole christmas thing. honestly, it's consuming me. but in the best way. and i love seeing our house all done up! the latest addition to the holiday trimmings: pom-pom garlands! they were simple to make and came out so so adorable above our sliding glass doors.

all you will need:

yarn (i used mending yarn i found in my gramma's old sewing kit, but anything would work as long as it isnt too thick or too thin)
free time

so these are super cute, but do take some time. i recommend working on them as you watch the 17 episodes of glee you have saved on your dvr. they dont require much skill, but do take some time.

all you have to do is thread the needle and start adding the pom-poms. i found that varying the colors, spacing, etc worked out the best. just keep a pattern for each string and hang em as your heart desires!

what is the latest addition to your holiday trimmings? leave some love in the comments and share your latest great idea!

Monday, December 17, 2012

winter wonderland jars

well, living in south florida certainly leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to seasons. it was 80 degrees as i walked into work today at 7am..and the sun wasn't even up yet. honestly, all i want for christmas is a little snow in my life and i don't think i'm being unreasonable! maybe a little unreasonable, but whatever.

so, since i doubt santa will come a knockin' (since i dont have a stinkin chimney!) on my door with the promise of a christmas morning snowball fight, i decided to take matters into my own hands.

on my weekly (ok, daily) stroll through anthropologie for inspiration with my good friend ashlee, we came across the cutest little winter scenes in mason jars. we literally thought at the same time, "we can make this!" and so we did. we each put our own twist on this amazing holiday idea and they came out perfect!!

to make your own tabletop winterland (shoveling snow not required) you will need:
  • tiny trees
  • glue gun
  • mason jars in various sizes
  • sugar - for snow
i got everything i needed (minus the sugar) at michael's - they are my go-to and usually have whatever crafty tidbit my heart desires.

now all you have to do is plan out your winter scene - make sure your trees fit into the jar you are working on before glueing.. i made that mistake and after trying to jam a large tree into a not so large jar, i moved on and planned a little better. i got excited, ok!?

then you just glue the bottom of the tree to the inside of the top of the jar, add sugar (the amount is up to you, depending on the level of "blizzard" you are trying to convey), put the top on the jar, flip it all over and ta-da! winter wonderland! i love that even in florida i can have a little bit of snow.. even if it is fake.

where would you put these in your house? i think mine will be the centerpiece on the dinner table, but they would be cute on the bookshelf or as a part of a bigger winter village. to see ashlee's version of this holiday awesomeness, head over to her blog wondering about wandering and be sure to leave some love while you're there!

Monday, December 3, 2012

ahh! christmas! (and glitter, and nsync)

seriously? christmas already... wasn't it JUST march when i did that whole thesis master's degree and a wedding thing? i know everyone (literally everyone) says it, but where did the year go!? it's like every monday is ten years long but then somehow months and months go by in a flash... how is this possible? anyways, its officially okay for me to play christmas music (mostly N'SYNC christmas and Hanson christmas - because they are both fantastic to sing as loud and as off key as possible - sorry matt.)
my all-time favorite ornament, courtesy of the wonderful anthropologie

this year, we are hosting christmas at our house (really just an excuse to go crazy this year) and since the last time we hosted we had just moved into our house, i'm really looking forward to all of the christmas awesomeness. i have had the crafting itch this past few weeks, so naturally i wanted to spice up our christmas with my new found motivation. below are a few of the highlights (and stay tuned for some DIY tips for each of them later this week!) and as this christmas extravaganza is a work in progress, stay tuned for even more holiday fun coming soon!! 
glitter tape! my house will
soon be covered in this stuff!

glitter ornament!
(how-to coming soon!)
glitter mason jars for tabletop candles
so easy, so perfect
anyone else see a theme here? i've somehow become a glitter-a-holic. check back soon to see what other glitter covered trouble i can get into!