Monday, December 3, 2012

ahh! christmas! (and glitter, and nsync)

seriously? christmas already... wasn't it JUST march when i did that whole thesis master's degree and a wedding thing? i know everyone (literally everyone) says it, but where did the year go!? it's like every monday is ten years long but then somehow months and months go by in a flash... how is this possible? anyways, its officially okay for me to play christmas music (mostly N'SYNC christmas and Hanson christmas - because they are both fantastic to sing as loud and as off key as possible - sorry matt.)
my all-time favorite ornament, courtesy of the wonderful anthropologie

this year, we are hosting christmas at our house (really just an excuse to go crazy this year) and since the last time we hosted we had just moved into our house, i'm really looking forward to all of the christmas awesomeness. i have had the crafting itch this past few weeks, so naturally i wanted to spice up our christmas with my new found motivation. below are a few of the highlights (and stay tuned for some DIY tips for each of them later this week!) and as this christmas extravaganza is a work in progress, stay tuned for even more holiday fun coming soon!! 
glitter tape! my house will
soon be covered in this stuff!

glitter ornament!
(how-to coming soon!)
glitter mason jars for tabletop candles
so easy, so perfect
anyone else see a theme here? i've somehow become a glitter-a-holic. check back soon to see what other glitter covered trouble i can get into!


  1. You will be finding Glitter in your house for months!!!

    1. so true! its everywhere! i'm convinced its multiplying at this point, slowly taking over.

  2. I found your blog from the altsummmit meeting! Hope to meet you there!

    1. awesome!! i am so excited for alt and hope we get to meet up there! cheers!