Tuesday, December 18, 2012

pom-pom garland galore!

i may be getting too into this whole christmas thing. honestly, it's consuming me. but in the best way. and i love seeing our house all done up! the latest addition to the holiday trimmings: pom-pom garlands! they were simple to make and came out so so adorable above our sliding glass doors.

all you will need:

yarn (i used mending yarn i found in my gramma's old sewing kit, but anything would work as long as it isnt too thick or too thin)
free time

so these are super cute, but do take some time. i recommend working on them as you watch the 17 episodes of glee you have saved on your dvr. they dont require much skill, but do take some time.

all you have to do is thread the needle and start adding the pom-poms. i found that varying the colors, spacing, etc worked out the best. just keep a pattern for each string and hang em as your heart desires!

what is the latest addition to your holiday trimmings? leave some love in the comments and share your latest great idea!

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