Wednesday, December 26, 2012

what the hell is a bobbin? the great quilting saga: part one

i hope everyone had a magnificent christmas with their loved ones! i know mine was amazing and full of yummy food and all my favorite people! i am happy to tell you about the beginning of this next project, because it was a doosie!

i am so excited to tell you the story of my quilt!

a while ago i starting thinking about a project for my best friend, haley. she may also be referred to as hales, or bestie in this series. anyways, i wanted to do something awesome for my bestie, because she is awesome and i love her. obviously. since this project has taken me nearly a year (and a whole lot of secrecy) to complete, i am going to share it with you in pieces. here is where it all began...

my mother in law, barbara, is an amazing quilter. i mean, AMAZING. she blows my mind with her quilt skills and i dont even know how to think about the things she can create. she has made matt and i several quilts, and naturally, hales is jealous. who wouldnt be!? so, after getting a sewing machine from my mom for christmas last year (i think she was trying to domesticate me) i decided that i'd like to try and make a quilt for hales. deciding to do it was the easy part. i had my machine, i'd get some fabric, and i'd just do it. i'm crafty, i can do this. silly me.

upon opening the gigantic box my sewing machine came in, i realized i had no idea what i was doing. there were all these parts and pieces, one smaller than the next, and i was getting nowhere fast on my own. lucky for me, barbara the quilting goddess loves me and agreed to help. turns out i was more inept than she might have believed. and as we're setting everything up she tells me to "grab my bobbin". uhhh, my what!? talk about clueless... it was a process but after learning to thread my bobbin, thread my machine and turn it on - i was ready to sew! sorta...

stay tuned to find out about the great christmas fabric hunt (in march no less...) cutting fabric, and getting started on my massive project!