Tuesday, November 13, 2012

thanksgiving dreams

i hate how thanksgiving is slowly losing its hold on holiday time. i mean, i have to work on thanksgiving and it makes me really bummed out. as the BEST food holiday around, i felt like i needed to highlight some of the awesome things that would be part of my november 22 if i was hosting thanksgiving.

i love the embellished plates and the fun turkey accessories! who wants to skip over a day of being lazy and eating delicious food all day!? not me. bring on the cuddly warm goodness, i'm ready.

Monday, November 12, 2012

gardens green market = sunday fun!

being that sunday is my only real day off, i try and pack as much fun as possible into that one day. this past sunday, matt and i went to one of my favorite local sunday treats: the gardens green market! it's every sunday morning until 1pm and i absolutely LOVE going. for one, its free! and they always have fresh yummy goodies, awesome flowers, fruits, veggies and tons of booths with creative crafts to buy! the weather was perfect yesterday and i am so looking forward to going again next weekend!

see all the pictures and my favorite parts after the jump!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY: simple chic wall art

i am a sucker for a good piece of wall art. but, i am also super picky and don't like random insignificant things hanging all over my walls at home. if it's in my house, it means something to me, which is why i love this next idea. it is so simple and can be personalized to whatever you like. a simple canvas piece with a quote, or name, or saying, or whatever and it looks amazing all finished up!

 see all the instructions after the jump!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

guest pinning for alt summit!

i am so excited to share this news! i am now a guest pinner for altitude summit's pinterest! as if going to alt (blogger conference and general collection of people who love awesome pretty unique and fashionable things) this coming january wasn't enough, now i get to add my own awesomeness to their widely followed pinterest.

i have my own board, and its all about the punchy bright ever awesome color RED! i love red (obviously, or i wouldn't have chosen it) and i have the freedom to pin whatever red crosses my path! follow me on my red pinterest journey, and check out all the other guest pinners as they add their own flair to alt summit!

visit my red lovin' page here and be sure to follow along!

what do you love about the color red?
does it make you think of a certain time/place/person/animal/feeling/smell?
leave some red lovin' in the comments :)

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Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY: party flags!

i LOVE a good party. mostly because i get to make decorations and dress up my house and then i get to see all kinds of people that i love. and the food, that's good too. i am always looking for easy and cute ways to decorate without breaking the bank.

also, i am a freak for paper products. tissue paper and crepe paper are my absolute favorite, and i love making things with them because they are always colorful and inexpensive. i made these flags for the first time for our wedding. i made a few to line the entrance to the driveway at the house we were getting married at and i loved them so much i decided to do them again for a bbq i am planning. we have a long walkway to our front door and i think they will look amazing leading up to the house.

see all the instructions after the jump!