Sunday, July 21, 2013

chicago bound!

hi friends!!

i don't even know where all the hours in the day get to, but i swear they fly by and before i know it they are gone. i miss being in this space and i miss being creative in such a big way.

i am still adjusting to my new job, and just finished my last days at my second job - which i will miss more than i can explain. my family at the community college where i tutored was incredible, and i love them so much so i know that even though i am not there on a weekly basis - i will still see them often. i will make it a priority because they have been a bigger part of my life than they realize.

in other exciting news, matt and i are going to one of my favorite cities for vacay! CHICAGO! we leave this tuesday for a whole week! i can hardly breathe for excitement.

so expect lots of goodies on instagram (follow along @betterwithjune) while we are there and lots of fun stuff here when i get back. i am hopefully getting into a daily routine - i can't really tell because i feel all over the place at all hours of the day - but i think things are calming down and i am getting into a rhythm - so i can spend more time here making fun things and sharing inspiration with you crazy kids!

one of the best parts of my new job is all the creative inspiration i get to enjoy nearly every day - so i can't wait to crack open some awesome books and share some cool projects.

i haven't reupholstered my chairs yet - and i promise to share that possible disaster (hopefully not - but its my first go at anything like this so... who knows?!) with you all here!

and lastly - some words of serious thanks - i have been totally scatter-brained and negligent to my wonderful internet family and i really appreciate you guys hanging around while i adjust to my new awesome life! it really is a blessing to have you all and you really make my day, every day.

i am going to go kick this vacation's ass and come back here ready to share some serious fun! i can't wait.. can you!?

anywhere amazing i should go in chicago? food recommendations? hidden gems? fabric/paper/craft/stationary stores i must go to!? please share and i'll tell you all about it when i get home!

much love to you all!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

feeling crafty..

do you ever get the itch to do something big?

keep reading to see what we're dreaming up over here...

Friday, June 21, 2013

SONP2013: a craftsy sewing class for me..and YOU!

this post is sponsored by Craftsy, an online community of makers and home to tons and tons of amazing online classes, and - the best online fabric store there ever was! both of them have been so great throughout the summer of no pants and i urge you to check them out!

i am a life long learner -  i will never be done trying to learn new things, both big and small. i have been on a sewing kick lately, and i have been a sponge during the summer of no pants. i am loving all of the amazing projects that are coming out of this!

keep reading for class details!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


i know it was just father's day - but shouldn't you tell your dad how amazing he is, just because it's tuesday? i mean, i'm obviously never going to know what it means to be a dad - but there is a lot riding on those three letters. of course your mom is always a super mega important person in your life, so i'm not complaining that i won't get to feel important ever - but being a dad is a powerful thing.

dad and i - beach bummin' it up

my dad is the guy that always set up the slip-n-slide in his backyard for me, and helped me turn my whole bedroom into a fort. he combed my hair after my bath - even though he wasn't an expert in tangles. he scolded me when i wanted to give up on something and believed in me even when i couldn't believe in myself. but i'm sure every single person out there has stories just like this... my point is that it's pretty remarkable that one person can be so many things in your life and they might not even realize how amazing that feat is... but it is amazing. and every dad should know it.

the only time i've ever felt tall...

one day - maybe next year, or in a few years, or whenever - my sweet husband is going to learn what it means to be a dad. and i am really excited to see him become that miraculous version of himself - and he might not even realize he is changing, and becoming some little person's whole world, but he will be.

so, even though it was just father's day, and you got your dad a card, and gave him a hug, or a phone call, or a shiny new present - go tell him today how much magic he brings into your life. and tell your mom too, because she's her own kind of unicorn.

my dad - and his dad - i had to include this one because my little brother looks exactly like my dad here. it's crazy.

i'm not a parent yet - so i can't say for sure.. but i have parents who are pretty remarkable - and i know that they have had huge success and have sometimes made some bad calls, but i know parents never stop loving their children, and their children should remind their parents how much they love them more often.

This post is part of a promotion with FamilySearch. Because at the end of the day - what's more important than family?

Monday, June 10, 2013

i am "sure" about thirty.

i met erin kennedy at alt summit, and apart from being super pretty and sweeter than apple pie, she is an incredibly inspiring blogger. she is responsible for all the wonderful goodness over on her blog, my thirty spot.

one of my favorite parts about erin's blog is the "love for thirty project" she does, featuring real women and their feelings about being thirty. they are insightful, real, and always entertaining!

to be honest, the whole "turning thirty" thing used to scare the shit out of me. but with only a year and a half left before that big day, i am starting to feel differently about it. (plus i have a killer moisturizer, so wrinkles don't worry me as much...)

head on over to erin's amazing blog and read all about how i feel about the big 3-0 and be sure to leave her some serious love while you're there!

Friday, June 7, 2013

may flowers: flower crown

ok, so it isn't may anymore... but i have one more flower filled project that i just can't let go of! a flower crown!!

what is it about a flower crown that makes you feel so - gosh there isn't a word is there? pretty? close to nature? princess-like? i can't explain, but make yourself a flower crown and you'll understand.

i made mine out of silk flowers because i wanted it to last forever.

read more!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SONP2013: super easy maxi skirt DIY

i am so excited to share this project with you guys! this one scared the crap out of me. i don't know how to make clothes...i have to sew a skirt? when i asked to be a part of the summer of no pants (#SONP2013) i knew that i would have to commit to making clothing.. but that was months ago - i'll figure it out, right?

read all about it after the jump!

Friday, May 31, 2013

new job = office supply shopping!

honestly, the best part about my new job is that i have my own desk. that's right, we're in the big time here kids. my very own desk. which is all great and dandy because it means i get to get new office supplies!!! high five!

literally, shopping for office supplies gives me so much joy - it is hard to even put it into words. what a nerd, right?! i can't help it. i was born this way.

can we talk about how much a red swingline stapler needs to be in my life! and the dino memo holder? how could you have a bad day with that!? uhh, you couldn't. the only thing i'm missing is a giant desk calendar. but i can't find any cute ones - so if you find one, please share!

do you get this excited about office supplies..or am i the only weirdo!?

Friday, May 24, 2013

fresh fonts

ok. so i have been wanted to do a little redesigning around here and wanted to freshen up our look. first on my to-do list is a new header - you know - that place at the top that tells you where you are and reminds you how awesome and fun we are. our header right now is a little..blah? 

so i've been searching for a new fun font to represent us here and thinking about some ideas.. font is the first step to a new what do you think?

which do you like best? or do you know of a font that makes you think of us that we should know about!?

thoughts? feelings? ideas? words of encouragement? leave some love.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

may flowers: flirty floral fun frocks

have you been in an urban outfitters lately? because it is may flower heaven up in that joint! i love it! sometimes their clothes can be hit and miss (and a little too hipster/deconstructed/oversized/just plain weird) but with these dresses they are hitting on all points! they are so fun and flirty. i can hardly stand it and it was so so hard to leave urban outfitters without all three of these lovlies. 

i think they would fit in my closet nicely and help me on my summer of no pants journey. no? i can't justify it that way? are you sure?!! well, for now i'll just enjoy them from afar but man, oh man, i love em all!

which is your favorite?!

Monday, May 20, 2013

great excitement and great loss.

good morning, friends. thank you for sticking with me while i took a little break last week. on the friday before mother's day i was given some amazing news - i got a new job!! i am really excited about it! it is with a book distributor that distributes craft and sewing books - hi, perfect job! right?! so that was amazing. and i can't wait to start!

but only a few short hours after my amazing news my wonderful grandma passed away. i was crushed. on a night that i was sure to be celebrating, i was heartbroken.

Monday, May 13, 2013

a brief pause.

friends, the past few days have had me on a roller-coaster of emotions. they have been both thrilling and tragic. i received some tremendously good news and was also dealt a terrible loss. please bear with me as i sort through all that has transpired.

i have some amazing projects in the works and can't wait to share them with you. but, rather than work myself into a frenzy this weekend, i chose to spend it with my amazing family and really tried to slow down and enjoy the quiet. i apologize sincerely as i take this week off to get reset and refocused. i truly love and appreciate each one of you for sharing this space with me. i'll be back soon! all my love.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

newbieNEWS: wen haircare

if you suffer from occasional insomnia and flip through channels after midnight - then you already know what wen haircare is. you have watched the infomercial with the women and their gorgeous shiny hair. you have thought about how it's a little weird that it's not a foaming soapy shampoo - but a "cleansing conditioner" - how does that work? you have been intrigued and you have considered buying it. i know you have.

for me, i always held off because i hate that damn auto-order crap! if i love it, i'll order more. stop telling me what to do! sorry. i just really hate that it just sends you more and more - especially because i am the uber forgetful girl who only remembers the auto-order after it shows up at my door, and then i'm angry. annoying, right?

so i was super excited to see that my sephora store had started carrying wen! i walked around the store for ten whole minutes with it in my hand before i decided to commit. i'll try anything once. usually. so, i bought the cleansing conditioner and the lovely sephora girls gave me their tips (they are always so great and get to try all the new stuff!) and i went on my merry way.

keep reading for the full review!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

may flowers: paper bouquet

after an amazing weekend seeing my baby sister graduate from college (omg, we're getting old!!) i am back and ready to share a great project with you guys!! can you believe mother's day is just around the corner?! and now that it is officially may, we can get flower-tastic!

most people will get mom some flowers for her special day, right? but then they die - which sucks... so this year, why not make her a bouquet of paper flowers. they won't wilt, and she'll be really touched that you made her something - bonus!

keep reading for all the details!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

just your everyday vacay...

have i ever told you about that time i ran off the side of a mountain!? i haven't!? well -when pj of bunny and dolly needed some amazing vacation stories for her blog, i told her all about it!

go read my story, as well as a few other travelers favorite vacay moments and be sure to leave her some serious love!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

happy monday!

good morning, sweet friends!

i had a really inspiring weekend and i am feeling really motivated in many different areas of my life. i have some exciting things to share in the next few weeks and i am so pumped! so even though it's monday, make it a good one. and be thankful for all the good you have in your life :) xo

photo via brave girls club

Friday, April 26, 2013

#SONP2013: inspiration

ok, can we just talk about how excited i am for the Summer of No Pants 2013 (affectionately, #SONP2013  - where i have committed to sewing and wearing skirts all summer long!?) that is starting up soon?! i mean, in FL it's been summer since february first, but for the rest of the world things are just heating up!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7
keep reading after the jump!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

the big office reveal!

drum roll please...are you drumming..? rolling? drum rolling?

 ta-da! the office is finally done!

after lots of drilling and hanging and organizing and cleaning - i have an office!
click through to see all the pics!

Monday, April 22, 2013

april showers: rain drop mobile DIY

if you recall, last week i was only able to show you a sneak peek of this project because i hadn't counted on the glue taking forever to dry. and since it is going to pour rain all day today - why not share a little rain inspiration with you!
click through to see all the awesomeness!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

super sneaky peek

well, even the best laid plans have to yield to the laws of mother nature. i had planned on sharing a finished project with you all today - but mother nature and the principles of glue drying physics (yep. that.) have thwarted me. so, instead i give you a sneaky peek at what i am working on. so far its coming together in a pretty cool way and i hope i am not building myself up for disaster and let down - but i think what we have in the works will turn out totally awesome.

for now i will say it is "april shower" themed and involves large quantities of blue elmers glue. it is also covering the entire island in our kitchen.. glue party!

the way things are looking, i will be able to finish this beast over the weekend and share it with you next week - so stay tuned! (i know you are all on the edge of your seats!   no? you aren't? darn..) either way, i am excited.

happy hump day!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

hand painted watercolor cards

there is nothing better than a hand written note from a friend. i love hand writing cards and decided to try my hand at watercolors for a quick and easy little project with that extra personal touch. i haven't painted with watercolors since high school and i can say i will be doing it more often now. it is so fun! (and easssy!!!)

keep reading

Friday, April 12, 2013

hooray weekend!

well, friends. we made it. the weekend is here. this week was especially long for some reason and i am so happy to see it go. i have 4652 projects planned for this weekend, including the dreaded "organize the bookshelf" project in my new office. it is the only thing holding me back and i need to get it done so i can share pictures with you guys. my new space is absolutely perfect (with the exception of the bookshelf) and i am ready to be done with that project so i can enjoy my office. woo!

this picture is from the very first day that we had june. we drove 3 hours to ocala (near orlando) to pick her up and this picture is from the drive home. isn't she so precious? last night while i was picking out a picture, the three of us were snuggled on the couch and matt said to june, "juney, can you believe you were ever that small?" and i already know that we are ruined when we have kids because we treat our dog like our child.

anyways, i hope your weekend is full of magic and fun. got anything good on the books?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

april showers: 10 things to do while stuck inside

1. nap - this is my preferred rainstorm activity. although not at all productive, it is really exciting to have an hour to just lay on the couch and sleep away the rain. bonus - the sound of rain on your windows is the perfect nap soundtrack! but - practice sparingly as it is addictive and like i said - counterproductive. (can you imagine getting to nap every day for the whole month?! omg, yes please. i mean, no. don't do that.)

2. clean up your email inbox - yep, mine is over-flowing with tempting offers from anthropologie and random subscriptions i am sure i never asked for. spend 20 focused minutes on some heavy handed deleting and voila - clear skies ahead for your inbox!

3. try out a new hairstyle - have a curling iron you need to master? ever wanted to try out that cool braid your co-worker shows off effortlessly? well, you aren't going anywhere. might as well give it a go! and if it looks terrible, you shower/dry/curl/rinse/repeat until you get better at it. people aren't born good at those crazy awesome hairstyles. those effortless looking beach waves take practice, ladies, so even if you aren't perfect at it the first go around, you have plenty of rain hours ahead this month to keep working at it!

4. catch up on your DVR (or that show everyone talks about and you are clueless) - if you are like me - you hoard your beloved tv shows on your DVR until it is at 96% full. i can't let them go. and i always end up watching my favorite shows (ahem, psych) and leaving the ones i like (and still record) to pile up - clogging that precious space. i like to spend some rainy afternoon time catching up on these left-behind shows. while i'm not curing cancer or discovering any new universes with this practice, i am clearing up a cluttered part of my life.. and i can usually get some laundry done at the same time. (and if you are the only one in the office not watching mad men/breaking bad/walking dead/whatever - here is your chance to jump on that train. netflix is a wonderful thing.)

5. read a book - i love to read but never seem to have a chunk of time where i can really devote myself to a book. rainy afternoon, can't go anywhere - read that book!

6. clean your house. i know what you're thinking. "cor - you were just on a role with some awesome tips and now you want me to clean?!" hear me out. yes - cleaning is not the most fun thing ever. but it's even more un-fun when it is gorgeous outside and you have to miss out on the sunshine to mop the floors. ick. so, blast some good dancin' music and run the dishwasher, vaccuum a little and once the sun returns you will be ready to get out there and enjoy it without thinking about those pesky house chores.

7. paint your nails - i am totally that girl who paints her nails right before having to the dishes or change a car tire or something really hands-on intense. what was i thinking? it never ends well. but, when it's raining is when you should paint those puppies! i might even mix in a little DVR decluttering at the same time. that counts as multi-tasking..right?

8. organize your closets - again, seriously un-fun for most people (i happen to love it because i am crazy - but i never have the time!) but it is something you should do once a season so you are organized. one of the worst things is knowing you have something but have zero clue where it is! serious pet-peeve of mine and i would love it if everything in my house had a home and an accompanying label. yep - i'm that girl. sadly, my house isn't as perfect as i wish it was, but a rainy afternoon is an opportune time to make those organizational dreams come true.

9. play a game - we looovvee games in our house. i mean, love. bust out a little "scene it" or our recent fave - "would you rather?" it makes you choose between the worst things you can think of and you progress in the game if people answered the way you did. it's terrible and awesome all at once. and it usually gets some pretty good conversation going ("i can't believe you would rather dive headfirst into the dumpster of thumb tacks! who are you!?")

10. cook/bake/eat/repeat - this one is up there on my list of rainy day favorites - but like napping - use sparingly unless you have a killer metabolism. i love trying new recipies but rarely do when i am making dinner - what if it turns out gross? then we are starving and have to figure out something else.. such a process. so a rainy afternoon is the perfect time to try out that new casserole! if it sucks you just move on and nobody is "hangry." yep. hungry + angry = hangry. you know what i'm talking about. and what better way to make your home super cozy in the rain than filling it with the yummy smells of baked cookies/cakes/pies?!

feeling a little frisky? try combining a few of these for your perfect stay at home rainy afternoon! (hello nap, book, bake-fest!)

Monday, April 8, 2013

adam & eve: a salvage adventure

one of my favorite places to visit for inspiration is adam and eve salvage yard. it is a magical place where architectural beauties go to get a second chance at life. they have doors, windows, columns, giant letters, tables, chairs, and literally everything house related you could imagine. even toilets. i love being there and thought i would share some favorites from my most recent trip down there.

keep reading for more pictures!

Friday, April 5, 2013

i {heart} oh, what love

exciting news today my friends! i recently started contributing to oh, what love and my first post is up on the blog today! oh, what love is an awesome vintage/indie/anthropologie-esque wedding blog run by the brilliant mariah danielsen and i am doing round-ups of pretty things i find on pinterest for her lovely blog. super exciting, right!? i think so. it is awesome to work with a blog you admire and i couldn't be more happy about all the fun new things on the horizon.

be sure to check out my first post: "dressed tresses" and browse the site for all kinds of beautiful inspiration! xo <3

april showers: FUN-brella

ella, ella, ay ay... sorry. anyone else sing that rihanna song when they say umbrella? no? just me? okay then. nevermind.

welcome to the first post in my "april showers bring may flowers" series. in april - i'll share some shower themed thoughts/diy's/round-ups..and in may, well you get where i am going with this...

now that it's april, i am looking forward to the rain showers that will hopefully bring my garden (ok really it's just one grape vine..i killed everything else) back to life. and since i am usually the girl that looks like a drowned rat, soaked head to toe because her umbrella (ella ella) is in the car/at home/somewhere buried in her room, i've decided to attempt to change my ways. and what better way that to buy a totally fantastic and stylish umbrella!? here are a few i don't think i can live without...

if i had one of these mega cute and stylish umbrellas (ella ella - i can't help it. it's a tick now.) i wouldn't leave it behind/lose it/forget it because they are so rad! the classic navy one is the one i picture ryan gosling carrying (hey girl, don't get rain on your pretty face...) and if i had children they would obviously have the monster one. the retro-fab clear bubble one reminds me of one my grandma had when i was growing up and carrying it is like walking in your own sound-proof bubble. great acoustics for singin' in the rain. it's pretty awesome.

which one is your favorite?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

sometimes real life gets real.

hi friends. i know this place is usually a fun space where diy and pug-filled dreams come true, but sometimes real life gets real. real hard. real fast. just real.

i have been trying to figure out how to talk about some of the more challenging things going on in my world, and while i still don't really know how to say any of this out loud i figure i should try. i want to be honest and open with you guys - even if it's difficult.

first, a small piece of my heartache stems from this past weekend. our family dog, bayleigh, passed away on saturday and i am heartbroken. she was a golden retriever and she had the biggest heart. we got her right before i started high-school and after growing up watching full house (and their dog comet) a golden retriever was my dream dog. who wouldn't want a big snuggly teddy bear? she loved to swim in our pool and splash around, she would let you put funny glasses on her and she knew quite a few tricks. she was loyal, and loving, and would cuddle you if she thought you were having a bad day. she knew all of my secrets and i am going to miss her so much.

continue reading...

Monday, April 1, 2013

swanky swank party glasses DIY

so, in my own little perfect world, matt and i live like we're in the great gatsby. you know, fancy glitter-infested parties, rich food and drinks a plenty. in real life we watch a lot of movies in oversized t-shirts and boxer shorts and drink chocolate milk - but a girl can dream! in an effort to bring a little extra glitz into our lives i decided to whip these little gems up. honestly, this was one of the easiest and least expensive diy's i've done, but gosh are they fun!
read more after the jump!

Monday, March 25, 2013

office makeover preview

i love a good makeover and my office is slowly starting to come together! i wanted to share a little sneak peak with you now that some of the shelves are up and i am slowly adding my life back into that room. most of it is still sprawled across my livingroom floor - but this is a process.
click through to see more!

Friday, March 22, 2013

happy weekend!!

hi friends! life this week has been absolutely insane and the fun office update i had planned for you today got lost in the shuffle of life... so, i am saving it for next week because i want it to be perfect for you guys! and it is really coming along in there, so stay tuned!!

this weekend is going to be jam packed for me! i am one of the team captains for a walk benefiting the als association of south florida. this cause is near and dear to my heart and i am looking forward to supporting them. our team is huge (the largest team at the walk, ah thank you!) and i am so proud to be walking with such a great group! i will give you all my full story about this cause and how it affects my life, but i want to gather my thoughts ahead of time and make sure i tell the story properly.

i hope you all have a super fun weekend and i look forward to all the fun next week brings!!
hells. yes. it's friday!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

a pug's guide to etiquette

meeting our pug, junebug, comes with a warning, "i'm sorry, she has no manners and will try and stick her tongue in your mouth." people usually laugh when i say this and smile like, "yeah, i'm sure she will." but really. she will. if you avoid it, she will wait until you aren't paying attention. people never listen, drop their guard and inevitably get a mouthful of june kisses. you were warned. i can't stop her.

more puggy goodness after the jump!

Monday, March 18, 2013

the great cookie bowl adventure - take 2!

if you recall, my first attempt at cookie bowls was, let's say, not so successful. in all honesty is a was a super mega fail that lead to at least an hour of cleaning, scraping, chipping and scrubbing to un-do the mess i made. it was highly entertaining and hilarious. i was so naive. but, being the loving (and determined not to fail/hate to be wrong) wifey that i am, i decided to try again.

see how i did it after the jump!

Friday, March 15, 2013

last minute lucky DIY

one time in college, i went out partying armed with green food coloring for st. patty's day. my friends (you crazy kids know who you are - i won't out you here) and i wanted to turn everyone's beer green. we were all a little silly back then and thought this plan was obviously brilliant. when we got to the party we walked through adding food coloring to beers of people we didn't even know. i told you, we were a little silly (and maybe a little too brave). anyways, about halfway through our generous and spirited beer coloring a guy got a little angry with us. turns out everyone at the party was drinking guinness and the food coloring was not only turning their dark beer to a gross shade of black, but it was also turning their teeth green. i think we are all lucky that we are pretty and people let us stay at the party even though i am pretty sure they hated us. whoops!

don't do what we did. turning things green with food coloring is super fun, but get consent before you do it - or be pretty when you do it. instead - add a little st. patty's cheer with these adorable and easy to make party accesories. everyone loves a good party hat!
keep reading to see all the super quick and easy party hats!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

summer of no pants 2013!

that's right! you heard me. no pants. none.

it isn't exactly what you're thinking..or maybe it is? i don't know. i am happy to tell you that i am participating in the summer of no pants 2013! the SONP2013 is the brilliant brain child of marigold from hideous, dreadful, stinky (possibly the best blog name ever...) and she has a great group of people sewing up a storm, creating dresses, skirts, reviewing sewing patterns and doing all sorts of rad stuff all in the name of not wearing pants.

we are still in the beginning stages of the project, but you can stay up to date with all the fun by going to the summer of no pants sign up page and subscribing to the newsletter or joining the google+ community. i am so super excited about this and can't wait to share my projects with you all!

stay tuned!
and don't wear pants.

magnet critters!

i love a good magnet. every time i go somewhere new i get a magnet from there and our fridge is totally covered in my travels. they just make me smile.

in my new office space i have tons of magnetic surface space because i change my mind a lot and can't commit to any sort of permanent decor. plus, i like to have ideas/projects/lists/cute pictures posted right in front of me so i don't forget to do something important.

i always do this thing when i'm in michael's where i stop by the large bin display of mini animals and dinosaurs and play with them. i really don't know what it is about the mini animals that makes me so happy - but they do. i decided to combine my love of undersized critters and magnets for my new office. and voila, magnet critters were born! read how to make these little guys after the jump!

Monday, March 11, 2013

colorful calendar DIY and a semi-hostile takeover

ever since matt fried his giant desktop computer (literally, it's huge with 2 monitors and takes up the entire desk in our office) i have been dyyying to take over. without his desktop in working order, nobody goes into that room anymore.  i decided i needed a craft room, honestly, who doesn't need a craft room?! plus, i love a good makeover. so after my first EVER ikea trip i decided to really get to work. there is a ton of work to be done in there and it's a semi-hostile takeover because it means that matt had to help me clean off his desk and that was likely not at the top of his list of weekend fun. but, he's the best and he made it happen. so the craft room/corey's super awesome office is officialy underway...

first item on the list of must make for my new craft room/office/sewing/blogging/photo studio - a calendar! i am admittedly a little scatter brained and if i don't write something down it doesn't exist in my life. plus i am super busy as it is - so i need to get my tish organized in a big way. and since my new shelves won't get put up for another week, the calendar is the first item of business.
read how to make this yourself after the jump!

Friday, March 8, 2013

top ten: wedding day!

top ten best parts of our wedding (in absolutely no order because the whole day was super rad):

1. my dad "tebow-ing" in his toast for matt (nobody in my family is a gator- ew. he did it cause he loves matt)

2. dancing with my grandma to the "teach me how to dougie" song. she was breaking it down at the age of 91.

3. matt's friend andy diving for the garter and then putting it on my friend ashlee - how our two most inappropriate friends managed to get in this situation, i'll never know.

there are no words. other than i need to learn to control my facial expressions. clearly. 

4. as we kissed in the ceremony the lynden david hall song "all you need is love" from love actually started playing - this is the stuff fairy tales are made of, people and i definitely got tears in my eyes over how awesome it was.

5. my sister (maid of honor), matt's brother (best man) and my brother (way cool groomsman) all gave amazing toasts. they were heartfelt and sincere and it was a seriously awesome moment (and my siblings only told a few embarrassing stories about me...)

6. my hair and makeup was flawless. i have accepted that our wedding day will forever be known as the peak of my pretty-ness. i can never top it. and i'm ok with that. but, if for some reason my fantastic glam squad wanted to come live with us, i totally wouldn't say no. just throwing it out there.

7. the 9pm rainstorm. before the ceremony the always unpredictable florida skies opened up and i was nervous about our completely outdoor wedding. (nervous is obviously the understatement of the century but i was trying to keep my cool.) the rain held off for the majority of the evening but around 9pm it started to rain. i cringed as the drops fell on my lovely guests and worried that the party would stop in the storm. but, it didn't. we all stayed on the dance floor and partied it up in the rain. the end result of this, however, was that my beautiful dress was black on the bottom, weighed about 300 pounds and my hair that was done so perfectly by my friend becca became what will forever be remebered as "the nest," complete with woodland creatures. it was all worth it - plus how many people can say they danced in the rain on their wedding day? (and my dress was fine - in case you were scared)

8. seeing family and friends that i rarely get to see. seriously, if you are married then you likely know how amazing it feels to see people who traveled for hours and miles just to spend time with you. it is completely overwhelming and totally awesome.

9. the cake. cake is on my list of all time favorite foods and this one stole my ever loving heart. it was almond cake with raspberry cream cheese filling. stop. i'm dying just thinking about it. before the wedding everyone told me, oh you wont eat, you wont get any cake - you'll be too busy. let me just say i am never too busy to eat cake. and the world could have been ending and i would have still made time for our wedding cake - it was that good! and we totally didn't save the top either. we ate it. and i just ordered a new mini version of the same cake for our anniversary. worth all $18. hells. yes. cake.

comfort is key on your wedding day. hence the chucks. obviously. 

10. i landed a freaking awesome hubby. he is honestly the best. he supports me in whatever brilliant new idea i have (even if it is totally insane), he takes care of me when i don't feel good, he goes out of his way to think of me and even draws me adorable cartoons or makes up songs to show me how much he loves me. he is so smart, and so thoughtful, and i am so so blessed to have someone as selfless as him. lucky girl, party of one.

if you were at my wedding what was your favorite part? leave comments so we can relive the best day of my life together! :) and if you weren't at the wedding, you were missed. but you can still tell awesome wedding stories in the comment because i really love a good wedding. annnnd go!

all of our amazing fantastic beautiful wedding photos by the talented and wonderful emindee images.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

write now project features yours truly!

wow. do i have some super fun news for you! let me first just say that going to alt summit has introduced me to so many wonderful and amazing people (but you know this already because i just wont shut up about it) and now that has lead me to something super exciting!

even her logo is awesome!
photo courtesy of

wendy townley- super great blogger and awesome writer has featured me (omg, yes me!) on her blog as part of her Write Now Project. she features writers often and shares their work with her blogging community. i can't even tell you how honored i am.

i saw her call for submissions and decided to send in a piece of my thesis. why not, right? a few days later she told me she loved it and wanted to feature it! hoorah!

read my excerpt the wrecking ball, leave some love on wendy's blog and be sure to check out all the wonderful pieces featured!

i really am the luckiest.

the luckiest - ben folds
i don't get many things right the first time
in fact, i am told that a lot
now i know all the wrong turns, the stumbles and falls brought me here

and where was i before the day that i first saw your lovely face?
now i see it every day

and i know
that i am
i am
i am
the luckiest

what if i'd been born 50 years before you
in a house on the street where you live?
maybe i'd be outside as you passed on your bike
would i know?

and in a wide sea of eyes
i see one pair that i recognize

and i know
that i am
i am
i am
the luckiest

i love you more than i have
ever found a way to say to you

next door there's an old man who lived to his 90s
and one day passed away in his sleep
and his wife, she stayed for a couple of days
and passed away

i'm sorry, i know that's
a strange way to tell you
that i know we belong

that i know
that i am
i am
i am
the luckiest

awesome photog skills courtesy of emindee images. they are my fave.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
                                                      i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)
                                            -e.e. cummings

my sister, kelly, read this poem during our ceremony and it still
makes me cry thinking about it now. it was magical. what a
good day. and a good sister. <3

as always, these fantastic photos are courtesy of emindee images. i wish they would move in with me.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

pause. and breathe.

the best piece of advice i heard for my wedding was actually something i remembered from the jim & pam wedding episode of the office. maybe all my friends should step up their advice game... juuusst saying. anyways, if you have seen the episode you know what i'm talking about, and if you haven't - why are you still reading this.. go!

anyways, pam talks about taking "mental pictures" throughout the day since it goes by so so fast. and it does - that baby will just fly by and before you know it you're standing in a rain soaked thousand pound dress (finally getting candy from your awesome candy bar) at eleven pm as the tables and chairs are broken down. and you go.. eff! it's over?! seriously, pause. and breathe.

one of the best moments of the whole day for me was just after the ceremony. matt and i were being rushed around taking pictures and everyone was excited and happy and you feel sort of not yourself and hungry and dizzy from all the overwhelming love.

so in the middle of all of this, we ended up sitting on the dock behind the house where the wedding was and the photographer was on the shore taking pictures. it was a moment of quiet. we sat there for maybe two minutes, but they were two of my favorites. i don't remember what we talked about, or if we talked at all... boats were going by and the sun was setting and it was the first time i got to pause and take it in. we were married. the tall drink of water next to me was my husband. score!

all of these awesome pictures courtesy of the dream team at emindee images. i love them.

Monday, March 4, 2013

i've been married almost a year! already?!

when i think back to my life one year ago today, i am not sure how i survived. or how the people around me survived..actually, it's mostly due to them that i did survive. fresh off submitting the final copy of my thesis for review and only days away from a wedding we had spent over 2 years planning... oh, hey stress, how are ya? i'm pretty sure the only thing i ate all week was cupcake frosting and coca-cola. but it was a good crazy (if there is such a thing..) because i completed my master's degree and got to marry the best guy i know. 10 points for gryffindor!

now, a year later - i am happy to be eating more than just frosting and i can't believe how blessed matt and i are. honestly, our lives totally rock! to celebrate, every day this week i am going to share some of my favorite pictures from our wedding with you guys! we had a really fun wedding - complete with a fully stocked candy bar - and our seriously pretty friends made for a killer wedding party.

all of the amazing photos are courtesy of our kick ass photographer, stephanie of emindee images.

Friday, March 1, 2013

eye candy: alt summit edition

hey, girl.

 ok, so full disclosure... i've had this post written and ready to go for a really long time but i just couldn't bring myself to publish it. i feel like once i do then alt summit will really be over. silly right? sometimes it's hard not to feel totally alone over here. does anybody get me? is this real? being with the awesome-creative-i'm-gonna-hustle-for-my-blog type of people was so inspiring. not that i don't love being home, but i miss that community of people who truly know what i feel on this side of the screen. and although i only spent a few days with them, i felt like we were a collective, a family. so here are my favorite pics from alt - from the awesome ideas brought to life in the meeting rooms, to the hilarious and mostly super unflattering but hilarious photo-booth pics.

awesome metal sheets to display more cards

can you find june?

bing brought it hard in their lounge. loving this. needing this. 
life of the party. obvs.

does life get better than this?

with whitney of i see pattern, ashlee of wondering about wandering,
 kersey of ardor blog and melanie of you are my fave

at the hello social :)
does life get better than this?
sunny courtyard at the grand america hotel

snowy park city, utah

sundance mania in park city

tried to find ryan gosling or joseph gordon-levitt. failed. 

snowy main street dreams.

i am incredibly thankful for the good times, good advice and good friends that came out of my time in utah. i am counting down the days until next year...