Sunday, January 13, 2013

christmas! in march? quilting: part two

so,the saga (yes, saga.. buckle in for the long haul kids) continues with finding fabric. after i figured out the basics for sewing, i started the fabric search. i knew i wanted to do a christmas themed quilt, because my bestie, haley, loves christmas. we're talking slightly unnatural love here - in june she can be found jamming out to holiday tunes and christmas movies are often in her rotation year round. she just loves that time of year, so there was no question of theme. it was christmas from the start.

if you have ever tried to find christmas things in the middle of march, then you know the struggle i was facing. no easy task. i looked everywhere! i can honestly say i've been to nearly every fabric store in south east florida on my hunt and slowly but surely my collection of cheerful holiday fabric grew. shoutout to joann's fabric for being so helpful in the early stages of this journey!

 i wanted to have a good stash before deciding on the pattern and layout of my quilt, since once i started cutting there would be no going back. stay tuned as i take the plunge, cut my fabrics and get to sewing! eek!

have you ever taken on a big project you were unsure of? leave some love in the comments and tell me about your slightly scary plunge-head-first project!

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