Thursday, January 3, 2013

happy happy and hello 2013!

whew. what a whirlwind of awesome this holiday season was! i hope yours was as fun and yummy as mine was! as stressful and crazy (mmhmm for real crazy) the holidays can get, i can honestly say i wasn't stressed. i can see matt in my head now giving me a look. haha, ok i was a little stressed, but mostly because there are so many fun things to do and cook and eat and see and i had to work thru a lot of it. booo work. yay christmas!

this year most of my family came to my house on christmas day (with the exception of my dad's side of the family who have a strict pajamas-only-don't-leave-the-house-let's-just-eat-all-day policy on chirstmas, which is amazing! but we missed them..) obviously, we still had plenty of silly yummy we-act-like-we're-five christmas fun
happy christmas from the morrows!
after a fantastic and delicious christmas eve with my dad, sister, brother and step-mom, i was ready to get up and do it all over again with round 2 at our house. i made breakfast foods, while everyone else brought the other meals for the day and the coveted delicious cupcakes for dessert! and my how the people showed up! it was great!

here are the highlights:

1. fun decor - i really had too much fun decorating this year, and the cheer was in full force when everyone came over!! 

2. delicious food! i made 2 breakfast casseroles - a potato/bacon/egg/cheese concoction and french toast casserole which was maybe one of the best things i've ever tasted. my mom brought her famous scalloped potatoes, my uncle marc brought a ham (omg honeybaked. yes!) and matt's mom brought the essential-for-the-holidays green bean casserole complete with melted cheese on top. yum! ashlee topped it all off with 2 quiches (she's fancy), eggnog cupcakes and salted caramel cupcakes (find recipes and yummy pictures at her blog, wondering about wandering) 
liam's face says it all. full of yummy and totally sleepy. 
3. good times! the frenzy that ensues while opening presents is always a high point for me! this year was great, and all of the presents were top notch. seeing liam (my nephew who is 3) open box after box of trains was amazing! each one was more exciting than the last and soon our living room was grand central station. it was perfect! i also had some fun kids crafts on hand, which haley and ashlee (not kids) opened and played with long before liam took notice. eventually he got sticker happy and had some fun with his grandma.

all in all it was a fantastic christmas! for new years, matt and i had takeout from the cheesecake factory with our friends chris and elisa (its become a thing on new years for us..i don't really know) we watched the avengers (so many attractive men in that - if you haven't seen it yet, why are you still reading this!? go now!)and i was asleep by 10:30. matt woke me up at midnight just to kiss me and it was the perfect night.

i am so excited for this year and there are fantastic things ahead! stay tuned as i count down to ALT SUMMIT! yes, caps are needed. and all the other fun projects ahead! hellloooo 2013! let's do this.


  1. easily one of the best christmas's ever!!

  2. p.s. where are the pictures of all the lightsssssss!!!!

  3. It was a fantastic Christmas day.....can't wait till next year! Xoxo mom

    1. it was a GREAT day! full of fun and love! and good food. xo C