Monday, January 21, 2013

newbieNEWS: eyelash extensions

ok folks, time to get a little brave. (not a lot brave, let's be real here) i'm going to try something new. not just this month, but every month this year. i feel a little too comfortable these days and it's high time to shake things up! i won't lie.. i'm a tiny bit afraid of where this could take me. but the scary things usually turn out to be the most amazing... like the time i was in switzerland and ran off the side of a perfectly good mountain. (i was coerced) it was terrifying. it took all i had to convince my feet that this was a good idea and start moving fast enough to open my parachute behind me. but once i got in the air it was the most amazing few minutes i can remember ever being a part of.

so, in the spirit of the new year, and feeling a little stuck in my ways - i bring you "newbieNEWS". i'm going to try something new - something REALLY new - not like, there's a new cheeseburger at chili's new. this is legit. i want to do things that people have heard of, and maybe tried, but it inst the ordinary-every-day-ho-hum stuff. think: taking a trapeze class at the circus (personal dream - in spite of my infant like upper body strength) or trying the newest fitness craze (laughter yoga, anyone?).

ok, so i'm easing into this a bit - i can't try deep sea diving or wrestle an alligator the first month, ok!? i'm sometimes a wuss. but i am doing something i have ALWAYS wanted to! eyelash extensions!  i am so excited to do it (thanks groupon!) and this is a good starting point for me. granted, it isn't dangerous or completely unheard of, but i think it is still rare that people do it, and i thought it would be fun before i head to salt lake for alt summit! (omg,wait. i leave tomorrow morning! hooray!)

before: no make-up lashes
so i got my groupon online and called to make my appointment. i had them done at salon mikimoto in palm beach gardens. abby, the salon owner, is also the lash expert and was so friendly. i'll be honest, i was a little nervous - i mean, i need my eyes so if something went wrong... my brain was only thinking of the worst possible things.

when i first laid down to get started, abby said she had to cover my lower lashes so that my new long awesome lashes didn't get glued to them and so my eyes wouldn't be glued shut. cue panic attack. haha she went to put this sticker-type doo-dad over my bottom lashes and i was apparently thrashing about and she had to tell me to calm down at least three times. i told you i had to ease into this whole "new fun stuff" process. anyways. a few deep breaths later and i let her place the sticker over my lashes. it was easy peasy once i realized what she was doing. my brain just heard "eyes glued shut" and went blank haha.

once we got started, it was great! it was very spa-like and it only took an hour and voila! my lashes are so super fun and fancy. full time fancy.
after: lash extensions. no make-up.
each lash is glued separately to your own lash, so the look is completely flawless. and, bonus, you don't have to wear mascara! you can, but you don't really need to. so far i am a big fan of them! if you are going to be in salt lake city for alt summit this week, come find me and check out my totally rad lashes! and if not, here are some make-up free before and after shots :) stop looking at the dark circles and focus on my awesome-sauce lashes.
i mean, someone take me out. these bad boys are for real!
heellooooo lashes!
what new things are you planning on trying in 2013? any great ideas you want me to try on here? leave some love in the comments and stay tuned for my next newbieNEWS.


  1. Abby has been doing my facials for the past 8 years! She's a doll and super fun. She started the lashes a little I over a year ago, I tried them once not as full as yours (I wasn't brave enough!) They look great on u!

    1. thanks darling! they took some getting used to at first - but i like em a lot! and abby was so great!

  2. The other day, as I was talking with Corey, I commented that I had never noticed her long and lush ashes. She smiled and told me that she had them glammed up for the conference. They are really pretty and natural looking. I just might get might give it a try.


    1. aww thanks gwenie :) they are super fun!

  3. Replies
    1. the salon said they would last for 3 weeks almost perfectly. i'm 2 weeks in and have only lost like 5-8 of the longest ones. they still look awesome. i will say that not wearing mascara has helped them stay longer. the two times i wore mascara i lost a few taking the make-up off at night. they are pretty rad tho! xo