Thursday, January 17, 2013

super serious countdown!

and of course, by super serious, i mean dance party happy awesome super excited countdown. altitude summit is upon us and i am simultaneously excited and terrified all at once! __insert party poppers and fireworks (and a little nail biting)___

one minute i'm going through my checklists and feeling confident and prepared, and the next i'm a little kid before their first day of school just hoping that i'm not dressed like a nerd and that my ninja turtles lunchbox is still considered cool.  its a rollercoaster of emotion.

alt summit is but a few days away! (gahhhh!!) my business cards are perfecto, i have notebooks, pens, bandaids, chapstick and those little hand warmer things you put in your coat pocket so you dont get frostbite. alt is starting to sound like wilderness survival camp where everyone dresses cute and is super isnt like that! i mean, not the wilderness survival part..i dont think...
sneaky peak at some of my business card components

everyone's life is getting better with june-ified
ashlee and i spent wayyyy too much time planning our wardrobes, but the good news is we will both look fantastic! we will both likely freeze, but we will be cute until the very end! i figure a few layers and a constant cup of hot tea will get me through. i'm likely being super naive about how cold 20 degrees actually is, but instead of panicking about my floridian wardrobe, i'm going to psyche myself up and do a lot of jogging in place while i'm in salt lake. it'll be good. if you wanna hang, i'll be the cute popsicle attempting to forget how cold utah is!

on a less freezing note, i recently teamed up with a fantastic vintage boutique just around the corner in tequesta, fl and am ecstatic to report that i will be rocking some of their most eclectic and unique accessories throughout alt! the shop is called snooty hooty's resale therapy (i know, amazing! right!?) and they boast "strange cargo - collectibles and everything in between". honestly its like my dream closet exploded in their store. i had a blast playing dress up with the store's owner, deb, and she was so helpful and hilarious! i found so many treasures to show off at alt; its seriously giddy-girly-make-the-fashion-world-go-round stuff. stay tuned for all my fabulous fashion finds and a full scale post on all of snooty hooty's vintage awesomeness!

so here's hoping for a suitcase that actually closes, on-time airlines, tons of new friends and not-below-zero temps in salt lake. get ready, alt! we're coming for ya!


  1. eeeekk! It's so close I can taste it!!

    1. i know. i'm sorta dying over it. so surreal.

  2. Replies
    1. it was a little too long and i ran out of time to get it hemmed. but i decided on a blue dress anyways, sooo..haha love the dress! but it didnt love my short lil self back :)