Monday, February 18, 2013

arti-gras: awesome edition.

this weekend i needed to get out of the house. it was a classic long work week and the fresh florida air was calling my name in a big way! fortunately for me, i scored some free tickets to arti-gras (super great outdoor art show. think white tents, frozen lemonade, fair food and all kinds of art!) and even though matt hates crowds, he loves me and he came with me to the art show.

i love art shows, but i really hate it when i'm not surprised. not inspired. you know the artists i'm talking about - the black and white photos of some french chateau, the silver jewelry that looks home-crafted and not in a special way, the paintings of unknown women or over-sized flowers. not to say they aren't good at what they do, but i've seen it before. 

so i am going to celebrate the artists that did something new, something truly fantastic. booth after booth of art found in every city of every state was interrupted by strokes of pure genius and i collected them all here for you. lucky duck!

why doesn't my name start with an H?! whyyyy!!!
i am so in love with this
photo courtesy of

first on the awesome list: RANSOM designs. they take old letters from store signs or wherever and turn them into custom art pieces. i totally love letters (obvs) and when i saw their designs i forgot about bills and our mortgage and all responsibility and felt the overwhelming urge to buy an awesome giant letter g (even though i have zero need for that particular letter. it was that incredible.) it was unique, and upcycled! amazing, right?! i love making old things new again. they also do backlit canvas pieces, but it's their letters that stole my heart. seriously, check them out. support them because everyone needs typography in their life. this husband/wife team are truly killing it in the creativity-sphere. find them at and be sure to see the pieces waiting for your customization and their etsy shop. letter lovers forever!

i..i just can't even talk about how great this was in person.
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next on the list of super cool art that is not at all generic or typical: deborah hyde. she does something that doesn't even seem possible. it's called "fiber art" and holy bananas, friends, it's serious. she sketches out her design on a quilters grid and then turns it into a quilt. a QUILT! i am talking hundreds (maybe millions) of tiny squares all coexisting to make one mega awesome finished piece. i literally can't even wrap my mind around this. she puts my quilting skills to shame in such a brilliant way. 

this picture doesn't even do this quilt justice. this particular piece was at the show and its huge, and each square of fabric is so tiny. it is insane. my mind was blown by her talent. she wasn't at her tent when we happened upon it, which is probably lucky for her (and matt) because i probably would have stood there talking to her for days. i'm so amazed. check out all her awesome pieces and read up on her crazy technique at seriously, check it out. now. 

i love this sweet old couple and their pup.
photo courtesy of
and last, but honestly, not least in any way shape or form: puppets! something about puppets just makes me super happy. and bonus, these amazing artists can even turn you into a puppet. yeah, i said it. they are marnie and bill winn of puppet artists and they are making all my puppet filled dreams come true. not only do i want to turn everyone i know into a puppet (because it would hilarious) but the ones that they have come up with are fantastic and i might need to own all of them. 

they have storybook characters like the whole alice in wonderland crew, pop culture icons like the beatles or beavis and butthead, and movie casts - like the whole freakin cast of harry potter. i will say i was getting a little fan girl nerdy in their tent and fell in love with the harry potter finger puppets. ok, so i may have fallen in love with all of their finger puppets. they are so miniature and cute and sweet and totally perfect in every single way possible. 

check them out  at and make all your puppet dreams come true. and once you have your puppets call me so i can come over and put on a puppet show with you. for reals.

i mean, really. could this be any better? the set they had at the show also featured voldemort. it was pure hp magic.
honestly, look at hagrid and tell me you don't want to own him. perfection.
photo courtesy of 
i love being inspired and seeing something i have never seen and i am so thankful for these creative people and their amazing art. they made arti-gras so great for me and i came home so happy and talking matt's poor face off about how i can't wait to go home and see more of their work. kudos to them. serious kudos. 

what has inspired you lately? and which of the above three is your favorite? leave some love in the comments and be sure to check out each of their sites and tell them how mega cool they are!

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