Friday, February 8, 2013

garden bunny remix

ok, so since florida basically skipped my favorite season all together - literally is it 80 degress outside, what gives! - i have decided to start my spring gardening. i'll be honest, i don't exactly have a green thumb..and if you ask my mom she will likely tell you i have a black thumb instead. i'm not a plant murderer per se, but i am not so good at keeping them alive. i try - but i usually fail. so insead of diving into new plants and all that, i decided to give my garden bunny a little make-over - a remix of his previous self, if you will. he really needed a new look.

this particular bunny has been an anchor in my life. he used to live at my grandma's house and i can't remember life without him. he is pretty old and he was starting to look a little (okay, a lot) rough.

if you have a garden guardian who is in need of a face lift, here is what you need:
-white paint - i used kilz because it covers really well and protects it from the elements
-spray paint
-googly eyes

ok, so the first thing you want to do is clean off your critter really well. once he is clean, let him air dry completely. then use sandpaper to get rid of any old chipping paint, rust, uneven edges, etc. then wipe him off again really well so that all the dust is removed. let it dry.

now you are ready for you base coat of paint. it took two full coats and a little extra in certain spots for my to get mr. bunny completely white. you want to be sure to let each coat dry completely, otherwise it becomes a gooey mess. once he is completely white and dry, it's time for spray paint! i really tried not to completely coat the grass behind our house, but spray paint kind of gets everywhere, so make sure you are somewhere in the open so you dont get it everywhere or passout. i did two coats of spray paint so he would be nice and bright!

then all you need is some fresh googly eyes and your garden guardian is all ready to resume his post! i love this guy and now that he is bright pink it is hard to miss him on our big patio.

would you ever spruce up your garden with a bright critter? leave some love below and tell me what ya think of my new neon bunny!

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