Wednesday, March 20, 2013

a pug's guide to etiquette

meeting our pug, junebug, comes with a warning, "i'm sorry, she has no manners and will try and stick her tongue in your mouth." people usually laugh when i say this and smile like, "yeah, i'm sure she will." but really. she will. if you avoid it, she will wait until you aren't paying attention. people never listen, drop their guard and inevitably get a mouthful of june kisses. you were warned. i can't stop her.

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i always try to diffuse june's sneak attack make-out attempts with an awkward, "sorry. she has zero manners." chalk it up to bad parenting or something. and in spite of my embarrassment, matt usually encourages her face-kissing-antics, so that never helps. i really try to instill manners into our sweet little girl, but she operates on her own set of rules, for full details see: a pug's guide to etiquette. these rules are hard and fast, and at this point i can only warn you ahead of time and hope you hear me.

matt found this book over the weekend in urban outfitters and i knew i had to have it. and since my review of my dad's foxfire book went over so well, i knew i had to share this book with you too! only the classics get reviewed here, folks!

this book has pugs figured out. i mean, it is june to a tee. and i was rolling with laughter while reading it. i was working at my job in the reading lab at the community college when i really cracked it open for the first time and i got some crazy looks from people passing by as i wiped tears of laughter from my cheeks. embarrassing and awesome all at once.

anytime we clean the house, i pick up all of our couch cushions and arrange them nicely in hopes of making our living room presentable. which lasts about four seconds before june bulldozes the pillows and cushions back off again. and if we have ever get to visit you at your house, just know that as a "thanks for inviting me over" present, she will do the same to your couch.

june will always accompany you to the restroom. do not try to go without her. she will pace outside the door whimpering like you stole her ice cream. just let her in, it's easier for everyone.

the head tilt is an important part of pug life. it can used to display a range of emotions and reactions when certain words are said or toys are squeaked. june likes to follow the head-tilt up with lots of running in circles and standing like a circus act on her hind legs. saying the words "treat" and "walkie" will, however, lead to loud squealing, leg scratching and general bugging until you make good on your promise.

dinner time is june's favorite time of day. her food is gone is one giant gulp and heaven forbid you try to cook your own meal before presenting her with hers. don't try it. her antics will likely lead to you tripping over her and breaking your ankle or face.

all of these tests are important. the chin test is june's favorite and a toy will be a chin rest for hours before making it into her rotation of favorites.

lucky for june, we only dress her up in silly outfits for halloween. sometimes she wears matts glasses when she wants to feel smart and productive, but other than that we steer clear of most of the insane outfits. although she would look adorable in some rain boots. or that shark costume in the book. hmmm..

my favorite service june offers, besides love, is her warming properties. i am often freezing and she always snuggles me (usually in a super awkward on-my-face sort of way) and keeps me warm. matt appreciates her massage and spa like skills. if you let her (please don't), she will lick you for hours. honestly, hours.

if june feels like laying on your face, she will do it. and if you ignore her - she will put her paw in your face, or lick you indefinitely. face snuggles are her favorite. don't try to get out of it. just accept it. just love it.

june, as a pug, has tons of personality and it comes through most in her mannerisms. i circled her favorites above, and if you follow us on instagram i know you have seen june in all her sillyness. "the side slump" or "grandpa" as it is known in our house, is her signature sitting pose. she most often does "the hang-out" on the back of the couch where matt likes to sit, and "the sprawl" is her post work-out walkie stance when she just. can't. go. any. further.

if you are looking for a good laugh, check out this book next time you are in urban outfitter's. it will have you rolling. the illustrations and slightly british dry humor are perfect. our little pug makes us laugh every single day and this book is so spot on. june's hilarious and she knows it.


  1. OOOOO Timmy & I need this book. :) LOve your stuff!
    xoxo Maryann & Timmy

    1. HI maryann & timmy!! thanks for stopping by and saying hi! gemma correll is a true hilarious genius and i love this book so much! pug lovers are our favorite kind of people :)

  2. The loaf!!!!! I've always said my Boston looks like either a loaf of bread or a house slipper when he lays that way!

    1. thanks for stopping by and saying hi! i love when june does the loaf - always makes me laugh. her favorite sit is "the grump." this book makes all my pug dreams come true and its awesome that it translates to bostons too! i've always loved their sweet little faces :)