Monday, March 11, 2013

colorful calendar DIY and a semi-hostile takeover

ever since matt fried his giant desktop computer (literally, it's huge with 2 monitors and takes up the entire desk in our office) i have been dyyying to take over. without his desktop in working order, nobody goes into that room anymore.  i decided i needed a craft room, honestly, who doesn't need a craft room?! plus, i love a good makeover. so after my first EVER ikea trip i decided to really get to work. there is a ton of work to be done in there and it's a semi-hostile takeover because it means that matt had to help me clean off his desk and that was likely not at the top of his list of weekend fun. but, he's the best and he made it happen. so the craft room/corey's super awesome office is officialy underway...

first item on the list of must make for my new craft room/office/sewing/blogging/photo studio - a calendar! i am admittedly a little scatter brained and if i don't write something down it doesn't exist in my life. plus i am super busy as it is - so i need to get my tish organized in a big way. and since my new shelves won't get put up for another week, the calendar is the first item of business.
read how to make this yourself after the jump!

you will need:
a large frame with a piece of glass (plexi won't work, you need the real deal)
paint squares (technically they are free samples at the hardware it isn't stealing right?)
paper cutter (or scissors and a really steady hand)
glue or glue dots (i used glue dots and it was so fast and easy!)
dry erase markers
working knowledge of how a calendar functions

ok so once you have your colors - pick 5 to 7 that you really like. i used the basic size for the days of the week and got a few that were larger for the top section of the calendar - for notes, or drawings, or nonsense.

you have to cut the name of the paint color off first. i used my paper cutter because i am a terrible scissor-smith (it's a real thing) - just keep an eye on how much you cut off so that they size stays consistent throughout the colors.
next, cut your posterboard to fit in your frame - i used an 18 x 24 inch frame and it fits seven paint squares perfectly. lay out your paint squares in some kind of repeating pattern on your posterboard. once you have a pattern you like, glue down your squares. once they are all glued down, pop it in the frame and get to organizing! so easy and looks so amazing! ta-da!

how do you stay organized and on top of your calendar? leave some love and let me know if you make a calendar of your own!!

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