Friday, March 1, 2013

eye candy: alt summit edition

hey, girl.

 ok, so full disclosure... i've had this post written and ready to go for a really long time but i just couldn't bring myself to publish it. i feel like once i do then alt summit will really be over. silly right? sometimes it's hard not to feel totally alone over here. does anybody get me? is this real? being with the awesome-creative-i'm-gonna-hustle-for-my-blog type of people was so inspiring. not that i don't love being home, but i miss that community of people who truly know what i feel on this side of the screen. and although i only spent a few days with them, i felt like we were a collective, a family. so here are my favorite pics from alt - from the awesome ideas brought to life in the meeting rooms, to the hilarious and mostly super unflattering but hilarious photo-booth pics.

awesome metal sheets to display more cards

can you find june?

bing brought it hard in their lounge. loving this. needing this. 
life of the party. obvs.

does life get better than this?

with whitney of i see pattern, ashlee of wondering about wandering,
 kersey of ardor blog and melanie of you are my fave

at the hello social :)
does life get better than this?
sunny courtyard at the grand america hotel

snowy park city, utah

sundance mania in park city

tried to find ryan gosling or joseph gordon-levitt. failed. 

snowy main street dreams.

i am incredibly thankful for the good times, good advice and good friends that came out of my time in utah. i am counting down the days until next year...

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