Friday, March 15, 2013

last minute lucky DIY

one time in college, i went out partying armed with green food coloring for st. patty's day. my friends (you crazy kids know who you are - i won't out you here) and i wanted to turn everyone's beer green. we were all a little silly back then and thought this plan was obviously brilliant. when we got to the party we walked through adding food coloring to beers of people we didn't even know. i told you, we were a little silly (and maybe a little too brave). anyways, about halfway through our generous and spirited beer coloring a guy got a little angry with us. turns out everyone at the party was drinking guinness and the food coloring was not only turning their dark beer to a gross shade of black, but it was also turning their teeth green. i think we are all lucky that we are pretty and people let us stay at the party even though i am pretty sure they hated us. whoops!

don't do what we did. turning things green with food coloring is super fun, but get consent before you do it - or be pretty when you do it. instead - add a little st. patty's cheer with these adorable and easy to make party accesories. everyone loves a good party hat!
keep reading to see all the super quick and easy party hats!

to make these you will need:
green pipe cleaner - i used the sparkly kind because it's rad.

lucky for me i always keep a stash of party-hat making supplies laying around (you never know!) so i am always ready to whip one up. i made three varieties and some were harder than others.

the bow:
since this is mostly two dimensional it is pretty straight forward. just make your bow so that all the loose ends meet in the center. make sure you leave a little piece at the end to attach the bow to the headband.

the shamrocks:
i used three to four pipe cleaners to make each shamrock and then attached them with an extra piece to the headband. if you break it down into small heart shapes it makes more sense in your head - at least that is what worked best for me!

the hat:
this was the hardest one - but i really like it so you should give it a go. i made a swirl for the top of the hat and then made a cage for the main vertical part. i made two circles and then added pieces to connect them together to make a roll type section. the brim of the hat was the hardest part because you want it to lay flat-ish and sometimes pipe cleaner doesn't feel like doing that. it comes out a little bit messy - but i'm just pretending that it adds to the charm of it all. what? it does. once the hat was complete i added a shamrock for good measure and attached it to the headband with another pipe cleaner piece.

that pot of gold has to be around here somewhere... 

each of these can be made in only a few minutes, so no excuses when you go out to a party this weekend. what is your favorite party accessory? leave some love in the comments and tell me all about it!