Wednesday, March 13, 2013

magnet critters!

i love a good magnet. every time i go somewhere new i get a magnet from there and our fridge is totally covered in my travels. they just make me smile.

in my new office space i have tons of magnetic surface space because i change my mind a lot and can't commit to any sort of permanent decor. plus, i like to have ideas/projects/lists/cute pictures posted right in front of me so i don't forget to do something important.

i always do this thing when i'm in michael's where i stop by the large bin display of mini animals and dinosaurs and play with them. i really don't know what it is about the mini animals that makes me so happy - but they do. i decided to combine my love of undersized critters and magnets for my new office. and voila, magnet critters were born! read how to make these little guys after the jump!

to make them you will need:
critters - i used a t-rex and an elephant
small but mighty magnets - they have to be strong enough to hold the critter
glue gun

i used magnets that i got from crate & barrel. they are super small and super strong and worked really well. when you pick out your critters, make sure they can either stand on level feet, or lay flat against a surface on their side. when you are armed with your supplies, all you have to do is hot glue the magnets to the bottom of the critters feet, or along their side.

let them dry really well and let them do the heavy lifting..sticking? holding. whatever. they are awesome.

which one is your favorite? i'm currently on the hunt for more magnet ideas ( i told you, i have a problem) so leave any brilliant thoughts in the comments!! 

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