Tuesday, March 5, 2013

pause. and breathe.

the best piece of advice i heard for my wedding was actually something i remembered from the jim & pam wedding episode of the office. maybe all my friends should step up their advice game... juuusst saying. anyways, if you have seen the episode you know what i'm talking about, and if you haven't - why are you still reading this.. go!

anyways, pam talks about taking "mental pictures" throughout the day since it goes by so so fast. and it does - that baby will just fly by and before you know it you're standing in a rain soaked thousand pound dress (finally getting candy from your awesome candy bar) at eleven pm as the tables and chairs are broken down. and you go.. eff! it's over?! seriously, pause. and breathe.

one of the best moments of the whole day for me was just after the ceremony. matt and i were being rushed around taking pictures and everyone was excited and happy and you feel sort of not yourself and hungry and dizzy from all the overwhelming love.

so in the middle of all of this, we ended up sitting on the dock behind the house where the wedding was and the photographer was on the shore taking pictures. it was a moment of quiet. we sat there for maybe two minutes, but they were two of my favorites. i don't remember what we talked about, or if we talked at all... boats were going by and the sun was setting and it was the first time i got to pause and take it in. we were married. the tall drink of water next to me was my husband. score!

all of these awesome pictures courtesy of the dream team at emindee images. i love them.

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