Wednesday, March 13, 2013

summer of no pants 2013!

that's right! you heard me. no pants. none.

it isn't exactly what you're thinking..or maybe it is? i don't know. i am happy to tell you that i am participating in the summer of no pants 2013! the SONP2013 is the brilliant brain child of marigold from hideous, dreadful, stinky (possibly the best blog name ever...) and she has a great group of people sewing up a storm, creating dresses, skirts, reviewing sewing patterns and doing all sorts of rad stuff all in the name of not wearing pants.

we are still in the beginning stages of the project, but you can stay up to date with all the fun by going to the summer of no pants sign up page and subscribing to the newsletter or joining the google+ community. i am so super excited about this and can't wait to share my projects with you all!

stay tuned!
and don't wear pants.


  1. Hi Corey! I found your blog through the google+ group. I'm so excited for the SONP! Looking forward to seeing what you make!


    1. Hi Elizabeth! thanks for stopping by! i think this whole project is going to be so fun!! xo corey