Monday, March 18, 2013

the great cookie bowl adventure - take 2!

if you recall, my first attempt at cookie bowls was, let's say, not so successful. in all honesty is a was a super mega fail that lead to at least an hour of cleaning, scraping, chipping and scrubbing to un-do the mess i made. it was highly entertaining and hilarious. i was so naive. but, being the loving (and determined not to fail/hate to be wrong) wifey that i am, i decided to try again.

see how i did it after the jump!

so, i was ready to try again. mind you i had to let the wounds of my failure heal and had to have time to forget the cleaning induced migraine the first attempt caused. i likened it to the pains of childbirth (though i am not yet a mom) and i imagined i would forget the pain of the journey once i had those glorious cookie bowls warm and ready for my nighttime treat.

this time around i did my homework. since my super lazy approach failed me last time, i figured i needed to be sure this time around i would succeed and research how to keep cookies stiff while baking. i found a recipe on coleen's recipes the secret - shortening. yep, crisco. my new secret weapon.

ok, so once i had the dough made, i let it chill in the fridge for an hour. then i rolled it out between wax paper so i could cut out my circles. i had envisioned perfectly smooth cookie bowls coming out of my oven like they were made in a bakery. instead, the dough got thin in certain places when i laid it over the muffin pan and had to be frankensteined together. but, they have held their shape! first task down.

my next task will be perfecting the flavor. yes, they are made of cookie dough and are an actual bowl shape and hold ice cream, but i don't think the recipe is perfect yet. they still don't taste as amazing as chocolate chip cookies can. because i had to use shortening and butter they came out tasting pretty buttery. i am going to keep working, and obviously when they are the cookie bowls of my dreams, i'll tell ya how i did it!


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