Friday, March 8, 2013

top ten: wedding day!

top ten best parts of our wedding (in absolutely no order because the whole day was super rad):

1. my dad "tebow-ing" in his toast for matt (nobody in my family is a gator- ew. he did it cause he loves matt)

2. dancing with my grandma to the "teach me how to dougie" song. she was breaking it down at the age of 91.

3. matt's friend andy diving for the garter and then putting it on my friend ashlee - how our two most inappropriate friends managed to get in this situation, i'll never know.

there are no words. other than i need to learn to control my facial expressions. clearly. 

4. as we kissed in the ceremony the lynden david hall song "all you need is love" from love actually started playing - this is the stuff fairy tales are made of, people and i definitely got tears in my eyes over how awesome it was.

5. my sister (maid of honor), matt's brother (best man) and my brother (way cool groomsman) all gave amazing toasts. they were heartfelt and sincere and it was a seriously awesome moment (and my siblings only told a few embarrassing stories about me...)

6. my hair and makeup was flawless. i have accepted that our wedding day will forever be known as the peak of my pretty-ness. i can never top it. and i'm ok with that. but, if for some reason my fantastic glam squad wanted to come live with us, i totally wouldn't say no. just throwing it out there.

7. the 9pm rainstorm. before the ceremony the always unpredictable florida skies opened up and i was nervous about our completely outdoor wedding. (nervous is obviously the understatement of the century but i was trying to keep my cool.) the rain held off for the majority of the evening but around 9pm it started to rain. i cringed as the drops fell on my lovely guests and worried that the party would stop in the storm. but, it didn't. we all stayed on the dance floor and partied it up in the rain. the end result of this, however, was that my beautiful dress was black on the bottom, weighed about 300 pounds and my hair that was done so perfectly by my friend becca became what will forever be remebered as "the nest," complete with woodland creatures. it was all worth it - plus how many people can say they danced in the rain on their wedding day? (and my dress was fine - in case you were scared)

8. seeing family and friends that i rarely get to see. seriously, if you are married then you likely know how amazing it feels to see people who traveled for hours and miles just to spend time with you. it is completely overwhelming and totally awesome.

9. the cake. cake is on my list of all time favorite foods and this one stole my ever loving heart. it was almond cake with raspberry cream cheese filling. stop. i'm dying just thinking about it. before the wedding everyone told me, oh you wont eat, you wont get any cake - you'll be too busy. let me just say i am never too busy to eat cake. and the world could have been ending and i would have still made time for our wedding cake - it was that good! and we totally didn't save the top either. we ate it. and i just ordered a new mini version of the same cake for our anniversary. worth all $18. hells. yes. cake.

comfort is key on your wedding day. hence the chucks. obviously. 

10. i landed a freaking awesome hubby. he is honestly the best. he supports me in whatever brilliant new idea i have (even if it is totally insane), he takes care of me when i don't feel good, he goes out of his way to think of me and even draws me adorable cartoons or makes up songs to show me how much he loves me. he is so smart, and so thoughtful, and i am so so blessed to have someone as selfless as him. lucky girl, party of one.

if you were at my wedding what was your favorite part? leave comments so we can relive the best day of my life together! :) and if you weren't at the wedding, you were missed. but you can still tell awesome wedding stories in the comment because i really love a good wedding. annnnd go!

all of our amazing fantastic beautiful wedding photos by the talented and wonderful emindee images.

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