Wednesday, April 10, 2013

april showers: 10 things to do while stuck inside

1. nap - this is my preferred rainstorm activity. although not at all productive, it is really exciting to have an hour to just lay on the couch and sleep away the rain. bonus - the sound of rain on your windows is the perfect nap soundtrack! but - practice sparingly as it is addictive and like i said - counterproductive. (can you imagine getting to nap every day for the whole month?! omg, yes please. i mean, no. don't do that.)

2. clean up your email inbox - yep, mine is over-flowing with tempting offers from anthropologie and random subscriptions i am sure i never asked for. spend 20 focused minutes on some heavy handed deleting and voila - clear skies ahead for your inbox!

3. try out a new hairstyle - have a curling iron you need to master? ever wanted to try out that cool braid your co-worker shows off effortlessly? well, you aren't going anywhere. might as well give it a go! and if it looks terrible, you shower/dry/curl/rinse/repeat until you get better at it. people aren't born good at those crazy awesome hairstyles. those effortless looking beach waves take practice, ladies, so even if you aren't perfect at it the first go around, you have plenty of rain hours ahead this month to keep working at it!

4. catch up on your DVR (or that show everyone talks about and you are clueless) - if you are like me - you hoard your beloved tv shows on your DVR until it is at 96% full. i can't let them go. and i always end up watching my favorite shows (ahem, psych) and leaving the ones i like (and still record) to pile up - clogging that precious space. i like to spend some rainy afternoon time catching up on these left-behind shows. while i'm not curing cancer or discovering any new universes with this practice, i am clearing up a cluttered part of my life.. and i can usually get some laundry done at the same time. (and if you are the only one in the office not watching mad men/breaking bad/walking dead/whatever - here is your chance to jump on that train. netflix is a wonderful thing.)

5. read a book - i love to read but never seem to have a chunk of time where i can really devote myself to a book. rainy afternoon, can't go anywhere - read that book!

6. clean your house. i know what you're thinking. "cor - you were just on a role with some awesome tips and now you want me to clean?!" hear me out. yes - cleaning is not the most fun thing ever. but it's even more un-fun when it is gorgeous outside and you have to miss out on the sunshine to mop the floors. ick. so, blast some good dancin' music and run the dishwasher, vaccuum a little and once the sun returns you will be ready to get out there and enjoy it without thinking about those pesky house chores.

7. paint your nails - i am totally that girl who paints her nails right before having to the dishes or change a car tire or something really hands-on intense. what was i thinking? it never ends well. but, when it's raining is when you should paint those puppies! i might even mix in a little DVR decluttering at the same time. that counts as multi-tasking..right?

8. organize your closets - again, seriously un-fun for most people (i happen to love it because i am crazy - but i never have the time!) but it is something you should do once a season so you are organized. one of the worst things is knowing you have something but have zero clue where it is! serious pet-peeve of mine and i would love it if everything in my house had a home and an accompanying label. yep - i'm that girl. sadly, my house isn't as perfect as i wish it was, but a rainy afternoon is an opportune time to make those organizational dreams come true.

9. play a game - we looovvee games in our house. i mean, love. bust out a little "scene it" or our recent fave - "would you rather?" it makes you choose between the worst things you can think of and you progress in the game if people answered the way you did. it's terrible and awesome all at once. and it usually gets some pretty good conversation going ("i can't believe you would rather dive headfirst into the dumpster of thumb tacks! who are you!?")

10. cook/bake/eat/repeat - this one is up there on my list of rainy day favorites - but like napping - use sparingly unless you have a killer metabolism. i love trying new recipies but rarely do when i am making dinner - what if it turns out gross? then we are starving and have to figure out something else.. such a process. so a rainy afternoon is the perfect time to try out that new casserole! if it sucks you just move on and nobody is "hangry." yep. hungry + angry = hangry. you know what i'm talking about. and what better way to make your home super cozy in the rain than filling it with the yummy smells of baked cookies/cakes/pies?!

feeling a little frisky? try combining a few of these for your perfect stay at home rainy afternoon! (hello nap, book, bake-fest!)

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