Friday, April 5, 2013

april showers: FUN-brella

ella, ella, ay ay... sorry. anyone else sing that rihanna song when they say umbrella? no? just me? okay then. nevermind.

welcome to the first post in my "april showers bring may flowers" series. in april - i'll share some shower themed thoughts/diy's/round-ups..and in may, well you get where i am going with this...

now that it's april, i am looking forward to the rain showers that will hopefully bring my garden (ok really it's just one grape vine..i killed everything else) back to life. and since i am usually the girl that looks like a drowned rat, soaked head to toe because her umbrella (ella ella) is in the car/at home/somewhere buried in her room, i've decided to attempt to change my ways. and what better way that to buy a totally fantastic and stylish umbrella!? here are a few i don't think i can live without...

if i had one of these mega cute and stylish umbrellas (ella ella - i can't help it. it's a tick now.) i wouldn't leave it behind/lose it/forget it because they are so rad! the classic navy one is the one i picture ryan gosling carrying (hey girl, don't get rain on your pretty face...) and if i had children they would obviously have the monster one. the retro-fab clear bubble one reminds me of one my grandma had when i was growing up and carrying it is like walking in your own sound-proof bubble. great acoustics for singin' in the rain. it's pretty awesome.

which one is your favorite?


  1. My favorite is the clear bubble one! I've always wanted an umbrella like that. I think it would make walking in the rain so much fun! I hope spring comes soon to MN - it may be April, but it snowed today!

    1. oh no! snow still?! sending you some sunny florida vibes!!

      and i love the bubble umbrella so much too - how could you have a bad day under that beauty?