Monday, April 22, 2013

april showers: rain drop mobile DIY

if you recall, last week i was only able to show you a sneak peek of this project because i hadn't counted on the glue taking forever to dry. and since it is going to pour rain all day today - why not share a little rain inspiration with you!
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once my little glue blobs finally dried, they became glue chips. they look a bit like sea glass to me.

to make your own, you need:
- glue. lots of it. the elmers glue gel (the blue kind) came out more clear, while the regular elmer's was     
  more opaque. i used more of the blue gel than the reegular because i thought it was prettier.
- plastic - to dry the glue on. i made my glue blobs on a ziplock baggie opened up and laid flat.
- patience. the glue took a little more than 24 hours to dry.
- twine - to thread your glue chips onto to make the mobile
- needle - a big one.
- wooden rod - or something to hang your mobile from.

once you blob out your glue in various sizes and let it dry - you are ready to string the glue chips onto the twine. i made the lengths and spacing of my glue pieces random, and tied a not beneath each one to keep it in place. i alternated in some of the opaque pieces, but most of my glue bits were the blue-clear type.

once you have about 12 - 15 strands of twine with glue chips you are ready to hang it on your cross-bar. you could do an X like i did - but i also think this would be really cool on just one bar straight across to hang as an art piece on the wall. i played with the spacing a bit to make sure it was balanced and hung correctly without tilting too much.

i love the way this turned out and my rain inspiration is there but not so literal, which i like. i think i might hang this on our patio - since it has the vibe of a windchime without all the noise. bonus!

whatcha think?!

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