Monday, April 15, 2013

hand painted watercolor cards

there is nothing better than a hand written note from a friend. i love hand writing cards and decided to try my hand at watercolors for a quick and easy little project with that extra personal touch. i haven't painted with watercolors since high school and i can say i will be doing it more often now. it is so fun! (and easssy!!!)

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the beauty of watercolor is that it's pretty difficult to truly ruin your project and it isn't too messy. i guess if you added too many colors could make things all muddy - but my first go around turned out pretty great! i am trying to get some things together for a spring BBQ with friends and these would make awesome little invitations!!

i got the little 2 x 2 inch cards from michaels and they came with the envelopes. just add paint and water - voila!

i am obsessed with these and can't wait to make some more! do you ever play with watercolor?

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