Friday, April 12, 2013

hooray weekend!

well, friends. we made it. the weekend is here. this week was especially long for some reason and i am so happy to see it go. i have 4652 projects planned for this weekend, including the dreaded "organize the bookshelf" project in my new office. it is the only thing holding me back and i need to get it done so i can share pictures with you guys. my new space is absolutely perfect (with the exception of the bookshelf) and i am ready to be done with that project so i can enjoy my office. woo!

this picture is from the very first day that we had june. we drove 3 hours to ocala (near orlando) to pick her up and this picture is from the drive home. isn't she so precious? last night while i was picking out a picture, the three of us were snuggled on the couch and matt said to june, "juney, can you believe you were ever that small?" and i already know that we are ruined when we have kids because we treat our dog like our child.

anyways, i hope your weekend is full of magic and fun. got anything good on the books?

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