Friday, April 26, 2013

#SONP2013: inspiration

ok, can we just talk about how excited i am for the Summer of No Pants 2013 (affectionately, #SONP2013  - where i have committed to sewing and wearing skirts all summer long!?) that is starting up soon?! i mean, in FL it's been summer since february first, but for the rest of the world things are just heating up!

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we all know that i can't go a week without stopping in an anthropologie store - it's kinda like crack for me - and i am dying for all their amazing skirts this season. they are all so amazing and make me want to sew ten thousand colorful skirts for this summer (unless i win the lottery and buy literally everything in anthropologie instead).

i decided to share my favorites with you today, since i'm starting to think about what i am going to make for #SONP2013. i even bought fabric. which of course means that this is real. this is not, i repeat -not, a test. i somehow have to learn to make clothes. and in the meantime, we can all enjoy this skirt eye candy from anthro :)

be sure to check out my #SONP2013 pinterest board for other ideas that i am loving and stay tuned for possible hilarious misadventures in sewing. ready, go!


  1. Haha this is great! Summers in NY are all about no pants. Too hot!! Lots of sheer flowy fabrics that is what is needed.

    Ali of

    1. hi ali! thanks for stopping by! i feel ya on the hot summer! i can't wait to live in skirts and pretty dresses :) goodbye layers, hello tan!

  2. Hi! I just found your blog through Pinterest, and I'm eager to see how your Summer of No Pants progresses.