Monday, April 1, 2013

swanky swank party glasses DIY

so, in my own little perfect world, matt and i live like we're in the great gatsby. you know, fancy glitter-infested parties, rich food and drinks a plenty. in real life we watch a lot of movies in oversized t-shirts and boxer shorts and drink chocolate milk - but a girl can dream! in an effort to bring a little extra glitz into our lives i decided to whip these little gems up. honestly, this was one of the easiest and least expensive diy's i've done, but gosh are they fun!
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to make your own you will need:
pretty little glasses - mine were a dollar each from goodwill

all you have to do is paint the underside of the base of the glass with mod-podge, apply a hefty layer of glitter and let it dry. that's it! i would love to say that these will catapult us into a life of full-time fancyness where we drink champagne and talk in fun accents. but in reality, these are going to be matt's new favorite ice cream bowls, but i think that might just be even better.  

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