Wednesday, April 24, 2013

the big office reveal!

drum roll please...are you drumming..? rolling? drum rolling?

 ta-da! the office is finally done!

after lots of drilling and hanging and organizing and cleaning - i have an office!
click through to see all the pics!

honestly, when i started this project i wasn't sure i would ever finish. i have the great ability to start projects and never get around to finishing them.. something about the finality of it all scares me. but alas, i have finally seen a major house project through to the end. whew! i loved this room before because it gets such great natural light, but it was just a catch all of unorganization and chaos. i don't even have before pictures to show you because it was just that bad. now, it is a space that will get used daily! ten points for gryffindor!

the walls were already orange, from when i painted when we moved in - and changing it felt arduous and unnecessary since i still love the color. my beautiful desk is a hand-me-down from my mom and the shelving, magnet board, boxes and other organizational goodies came from my hero's quest to ikea.

matt is the musical one so the instruments are all his. the stripe throw is something everyone needs to go buy from ikea because it is so soft and perfect. the yellow pillow is an oldie but a goodie from anthropologie, and the pug pillow is by gemma correll for society 6. the couch is my mom's old couch and it is heaven :)

the lamp is an antique that weighs about 70 pounds. it was black but it was faded and icky so i painted it purple - it seemed like the right thing to do. the side table is from ikea (nine dollars. nine!) and so is the pick-up-stix inspired lamp shade. the frame is from target and the cute little ikat tray came from michaels.

..and finally - my office door. i wanted it to scream "hey - creative, awesome stuff goes on in here" - so i did the only logical thing there was to do, and used washi tape to spice it up. the door is one of my favorite things about my new office! the only thing i didn't get to show in these pictures is my new ceiling fan with lights - my super awesome husband gets full credit for hanging it (and every other hanging thing in this room), so if you see him, give him a high five for being so helpful!

so there you have it - my new creative space. i will get super honest here and say that there may be a bookcase strategically left out of these photos that is cluttered and completely unorganized. i won't confirm or deny anything - but it is a strong possibility. i'm not perfect. and i can guarantee it won't stay this way with all the messy stuff that goes on in there - but for today, it is clean and so lovely.


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    1. hey jessica! thanks! i love it too :) it was such a fun project and i really love the finished product! woohoo!

  2. Looks great! I have two of the white Ikea shelves in my office too. Love the washi tape on the door!

    1. hey sarah! arent the ikea shelves the best?! and they were so easy to install. and if my husband would let me (or keep his eye rolling to a minimal) i would washi tape our whole house! it's perfect for me because i change my mind so much haha