Monday, May 20, 2013

great excitement and great loss.

good morning, friends. thank you for sticking with me while i took a little break last week. on the friday before mother's day i was given some amazing news - i got a new job!! i am really excited about it! it is with a book distributor that distributes craft and sewing books - hi, perfect job! right?! so that was amazing. and i can't wait to start!

but only a few short hours after my amazing news my wonderful grandma passed away. i was crushed. on a night that i was sure to be celebrating, i was heartbroken.

my grandma was one of the most creative people i knew. she and i would craft for hours when i was little and it is because of her, and my mom that i am the creator that i am today. i loved her so much and i am so sad that she is gone.

the weekend that followed was tough. when my grandfather (we called him poppy) passed away, it was only a few days before father's day. and when the same thing happened with my grandmother last week, it was hard. she was truly spectacular and we all miss her so much.

i am so thankful that i had my grandparents in my life. my grandma was a sharp and spunky 92 year old. she loved crosswords, seashells and square-dancing.

i am so happy she made it to our wedding, and that she had the amazing life that she did.

this last picture is one of my favorites from our wedding. grandma and i are breaking it down to "teach me how to dougie" and the faces on my cousins behind us are amazing. grandma still had it goin' on, even at 91.

i know wherever she is, she is likely throwing a backyard luau, dancing up a storm, or walking the beach looking for shells. she is a bright light in my life that will never go out.

so now, we move forward. i thank you from the bottom of my heart for being with me, and reading, and laughing, and growing.

there are so many exciting things on the horizon!! i am so pumped about the summer of no pants project (#SONP2013) that is starting soon, and i have been working with some totally cool people on a bunch of fun stuff, so i can't wait to share it all with you!!

i love you guys more than you know. xo

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