Tuesday, May 7, 2013

may flowers: paper bouquet

after an amazing weekend seeing my baby sister graduate from college (omg, we're getting old!!) i am back and ready to share a great project with you guys!! can you believe mother's day is just around the corner?! and now that it is officially may, we can get flower-tastic!

most people will get mom some flowers for her special day, right? but then they die - which sucks... so this year, why not make her a bouquet of paper flowers. they won't wilt, and she'll be really touched that you made her something - bonus!

keep reading for all the details!

to make these lovelies, you will need:

green fuzzy pipe cleaner
tissue paper

first, decide what shape you want your flower petals to be in. i chose a classic simple shape and drew it out on my tissue. i folded my tissue a few times to get the most out of my efforts. make sure you leave a little strip at the end that you can tape to your pipe cleaner. i also cut out some little leaves to add to the stems.

once you have a variety of sizes and colors, you are ready to start taping. i started by anchoring one petal to the pipe cleaner, that way when i added more layers it wouldn't slide up and down the stem without my permission. fold the ends of the strip at the bottom of the petal around the pipe cleaner and tape it together.

then add layers of petals until you are satisfied - taping them all around each other at the base and around the stem. try to be symmetrical but not perfect. flowers are beautiful in their slight imperfections so don't stress if the petals don't all line up perfectly.

add some leaves to the stem or the base of the flower to spice it up a bit, then cut, tape, fold, repeat until you have a lovely bouquet.

give it to mom and watch as she gets all misty eyed thinking back to your elementary school days when you made her presents all the time. you're welcome.

stay tuned for more "may flower" fun! although - i think florida is confused because it won't stop raining?!! what gives!? it's time for flowers! are there flowers popping up around you yet?

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