Friday, May 31, 2013

new job = office supply shopping!

honestly, the best part about my new job is that i have my own desk. that's right, we're in the big time here kids. my very own desk. which is all great and dandy because it means i get to get new office supplies!!! high five!

literally, shopping for office supplies gives me so much joy - it is hard to even put it into words. what a nerd, right?! i can't help it. i was born this way.

can we talk about how much a red swingline stapler needs to be in my life! and the dino memo holder? how could you have a bad day with that!? uhh, you couldn't. the only thing i'm missing is a giant desk calendar. but i can't find any cute ones - so if you find one, please share!

do you get this excited about office supplies..or am i the only weirdo!?

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