Wednesday, May 8, 2013

newbieNEWS: wen haircare

if you suffer from occasional insomnia and flip through channels after midnight - then you already know what wen haircare is. you have watched the infomercial with the women and their gorgeous shiny hair. you have thought about how it's a little weird that it's not a foaming soapy shampoo - but a "cleansing conditioner" - how does that work? you have been intrigued and you have considered buying it. i know you have.

for me, i always held off because i hate that damn auto-order crap! if i love it, i'll order more. stop telling me what to do! sorry. i just really hate that it just sends you more and more - especially because i am the uber forgetful girl who only remembers the auto-order after it shows up at my door, and then i'm angry. annoying, right?

so i was super excited to see that my sephora store had started carrying wen! i walked around the store for ten whole minutes with it in my hand before i decided to commit. i'll try anything once. usually. so, i bought the cleansing conditioner and the lovely sephora girls gave me their tips (they are always so great and get to try all the new stuff!) and i went on my merry way.

keep reading for the full review!

i have been a faithful (when i can afford it) aveda girl for years now, and totally love their "brilliant" line, but ever since letting haley (my bestie stylist) ombre my hair, the blonder ends have been pretty dry. which means i have to do all the extra "product" steps - and i'm really not into it. if i have to do more than 2 steps for my hair, i'm over it. i like easy. i have better things to do than use 26 types of pre-blow-dry salves and sprays. i'm busy. and i'm lucky if i even brush my hair let alone blow-dry it. so i was eager to try something new and fun that promised it would make all my shiny hair dreams come true.

before i get too far in - a bit about my hair...
it is really long and thick. it is also pretty straight and lifeless. even when i do get to dry and style it, whatever i've done usually falls flat within a few hours. it's just how it goes for me. also, it is really tangled, especially when i get out of the shower after washing it. i usually either wait until its air dried to brush though it, or suffer greatly and get frustrated. i usually wash my hair three times a week (when i'm using normal shampoo/conditioner) unless i work out super hard or something. it isn't greasy, per se, but since it is so straight, by day 3 it's in a ponytail and could use a wash. when i do wash it - i use shampoo all over and then only condition the ends.

i was nervous about wen mostly because i don't condition the scalp area of my head (just the ends). and wen is a "cleansing conditioner" and i didn't know how that would make my hair feel.. but i was hopeful when i tried it out for the first time.

to use it, you pump some into your hand and get your hair really wet - i mean sit there for a second and soak up the water. i usually start with a few pumps and then add more as i work it through. i divide the product between my hands and add it to each side of my scalp working it in and combing it through. i find dividing it helps because it doesn't spread through your hair easily. i re-wet my hair and add a few more pumps - again dividing it and working it through my hair. i usually focus on my scalp and make sure i really get it in there. you have to keep re-wetting your hair too so that it continues to be workable. then i comb my hands through and get the ends. wen makes your hair feel a bit like a wetsuit - sorta sticky and weird - but you get over it eventually.

i usually let it sit in my hair while i wash my face, shave my legs, etc. it smells fantastic so enjoy it for a minute or two. when you rinse it out - make sure you are thorough and don't leave any in your hair because it won't bode well for you. trust me. so rinse. repeat. rinse. repeat. and rinse again. your hair will feel like a weird sticky-dry, but don't worry.

i've been using wen now for about four weeks and i'm still on the fence as to whether i will buy another bottle. i like it, but i don't know if the good outweighs the bad - here are my reasons why:

it smells so so good. it is almond mint and i love it!
the ends of my hair are not dry - bonus!
i can brush through it while it is still wet without crying
my hair is very soft
i don't need all sorts of extra product to keep the frizz down

it is a weird toothpaste consistency - not a con really - but its weird
my hair needs to be washed more often and feels dirty after 2 days
i have to use a lot of the product to completely get it through my hair - so one bottle will last a little under a month for me
it is a little pricey (around $37 from sephora) especially since my aveda shampoo/conditioner lasted me so much longer and i washed it less often with aveda

it is hard to tell how much wen affected my hair in pictures - because the most dramatic change has been the way it feels. seriously, come touch it. it is that good. it is soft and not at all dry on the ends - which i really like. it is also less frizzy, which is amazing since i live in the humidity capital of the world. i am still torn though. i will likely suck it up and buy more, even though it's pricey.. and i guess i'll get over myself and wash my hair every 2 days instead of the usual every 3 days because i am such a fan, but still - it's a little inconvenient and i am so stuck in my routine.

i will say that if you have baby fine or already super soft hair, this is probably not for you. if you over-process (by coloring, blow-drying, flat ironing, etc) or have naturally course/curly/dry hair - this would be amazing for you.

what do you think? will you give it a try?

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