Thursday, June 27, 2013

feeling crafty..

do you ever get the itch to do something big?

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Friday, June 21, 2013

SONP2013: a craftsy sewing class for me..and YOU!

this post is sponsored by Craftsy, an online community of makers and home to tons and tons of amazing online classes, and - the best online fabric store there ever was! both of them have been so great throughout the summer of no pants and i urge you to check them out!

i am a life long learner -  i will never be done trying to learn new things, both big and small. i have been on a sewing kick lately, and i have been a sponge during the summer of no pants. i am loving all of the amazing projects that are coming out of this!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


i know it was just father's day - but shouldn't you tell your dad how amazing he is, just because it's tuesday? i mean, i'm obviously never going to know what it means to be a dad - but there is a lot riding on those three letters. of course your mom is always a super mega important person in your life, so i'm not complaining that i won't get to feel important ever - but being a dad is a powerful thing.

dad and i - beach bummin' it up

my dad is the guy that always set up the slip-n-slide in his backyard for me, and helped me turn my whole bedroom into a fort. he combed my hair after my bath - even though he wasn't an expert in tangles. he scolded me when i wanted to give up on something and believed in me even when i couldn't believe in myself. but i'm sure every single person out there has stories just like this... my point is that it's pretty remarkable that one person can be so many things in your life and they might not even realize how amazing that feat is... but it is amazing. and every dad should know it.

the only time i've ever felt tall...

one day - maybe next year, or in a few years, or whenever - my sweet husband is going to learn what it means to be a dad. and i am really excited to see him become that miraculous version of himself - and he might not even realize he is changing, and becoming some little person's whole world, but he will be.

so, even though it was just father's day, and you got your dad a card, and gave him a hug, or a phone call, or a shiny new present - go tell him today how much magic he brings into your life. and tell your mom too, because she's her own kind of unicorn.

my dad - and his dad - i had to include this one because my little brother looks exactly like my dad here. it's crazy.

i'm not a parent yet - so i can't say for sure.. but i have parents who are pretty remarkable - and i know that they have had huge success and have sometimes made some bad calls, but i know parents never stop loving their children, and their children should remind their parents how much they love them more often.

This post is part of a promotion with FamilySearch. Because at the end of the day - what's more important than family?

Monday, June 10, 2013

i am "sure" about thirty.

i met erin kennedy at alt summit, and apart from being super pretty and sweeter than apple pie, she is an incredibly inspiring blogger. she is responsible for all the wonderful goodness over on her blog, my thirty spot.

one of my favorite parts about erin's blog is the "love for thirty project" she does, featuring real women and their feelings about being thirty. they are insightful, real, and always entertaining!

to be honest, the whole "turning thirty" thing used to scare the shit out of me. but with only a year and a half left before that big day, i am starting to feel differently about it. (plus i have a killer moisturizer, so wrinkles don't worry me as much...)

head on over to erin's amazing blog and read all about how i feel about the big 3-0 and be sure to leave her some serious love while you're there!

Friday, June 7, 2013

may flowers: flower crown

ok, so it isn't may anymore... but i have one more flower filled project that i just can't let go of! a flower crown!!

what is it about a flower crown that makes you feel so - gosh there isn't a word is there? pretty? close to nature? princess-like? i can't explain, but make yourself a flower crown and you'll understand.

i made mine out of silk flowers because i wanted it to last forever.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SONP2013: super easy maxi skirt DIY

i am so excited to share this project with you guys! this one scared the crap out of me. i don't know how to make clothes...i have to sew a skirt? when i asked to be a part of the summer of no pants (#SONP2013) i knew that i would have to commit to making clothing.. but that was months ago - i'll figure it out, right?

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